MvC2 vs UMvC3

I did this a while ago but wanted to post it on this site. On my blog , this page have over 3,000 views in one week. That is huge for me since my blog wasn’t known on the Internet. Anyways, what game do you prefer, MvC2 or UMvC3? Also, what do you think of my review? (This is review is not all that great)

MvC2 is better in everyway. Close thread.

Well yeah but I want more of people’s opinions. Some people like UMvC3 more than MvC2 like my friend.

Your blog post shows you have very little, if any, knowledge of either game. However since you’re here, there’s a LOT of great information if you want to actually learn how to play.

Well… there USED to be some great MvC2 info in the forums. now I can’t even find the subforum. good lord.

I prefer UMVC2 because they made servbot and roll top tier

how come no ones mentioned anything about UMVC1? I think Prof X was in that

This whole thread makes my brain hurt.

Yeah, I wasn’t hardcore back then compared to right now. I tried to update it but Ihave the time to do so. I know both of the game well now since I own them. It wasn’t really a review but me just comparing the games. I wish I can help you on MvC2 but I am more if a SFA2 player

I’d stick to writing in your native language, no offense.

Please do some more research (and actually learning the ins and outs of both games) before writing something like this again in the future.

Also, your thread title said “MvC2 vs UMvC<u>2</u>” when I believe you meant UMvC3.

Will do, I am still new to reviewing games. I might as well delete that post because I am not detailing the game that well. I guess I am kinda lazy.

** “Mvc2, The controls are fairly simple and can be master in matter of seconds.” ** by The Gaming Tool

^ wrong

** “Mvc3, Pulling off the special attack was hard for controller owner. It could been better but you can get use to it. The combos are hard to do” ** by The Gaming Tool

^ wrong

If this is not the most backwards ass retarded shit in the world. Go do some 100% combos with a single character in Mvc2, then come back and holla at me.

The only thing I’ll agree with you is mvc2 having better gameplay, although you truly have zero knowledge about the gameplay in mvc2 at all. Maybe you should do articles on strictly new capcom games(sf4,mvc3, and up), because damn, this article sound like it came from a call of duty bro that work at gamestop.

I also feel like I want to go through and edit the fuck out of your grammar. Before you write, please learn to write in the language of the audience you’re reaching out to.

I mean, just as a sample…

Note the underlined part - Is NOT at all like Street Fighter and Darkstalkers.

FGD is for games without their own section, mvc2 and mvc3 have their own sections so you could ask this on any of those instead of here, ***but ***this kind of threads are prohibited because there is nothing good that could come from this type of discussion


Apples and Oranges.
I like them both, but it’s really unfair compare a game with over a decade of technology with one that’s barely a year and a half old.

This, twice…
I could see a post comparing TvC to MvC3 to UMvC3…
That’s more like it.

they’re different to the point where I feel like UMvC3 undeservedly stole MvC2’s spot in our community. They should’ve lived side by side, but people were too willing to let things go I guess.

took the words right out of my mouth, BasedFox

i think umvc3 is overall a much more enjoyable game until you get to high level play, where it is currently busted to all fuck, and is only going to get worse. mvc2 had very enjoyable high level play, as all the top tier teams were just really fun to use, and tons of awesome tactics that showed a great deal of knowledge on players parts to setup and maintain their traps consistently, etc…

the obvious unfortunate part of mvc2 is the game quickly evolved past anything that 90 percent of the cast could compete with, so then you immediately kind of got put into a box to play only the top tiers to succeed, which at the time was fine, attitudes were different, but in hindsight its pretty shitty, especially considering how many more of the cast members couldve been really good if they were even just simply one of their xvsf or mvc1 counterparts, instead characters like rogue, ryu, akuma, cyclops, chunli, juggs, sabertooth, wolverine, etc… where nerfed to shit, while characters like magneto and storm had minor nerfs and stayed relatively the same in a faster game with multiple unlimited assist to back their already previously and then currently ridiculous offensive abilities.

not to mention mvc2 for its time was great, but not very imaginative on the specials for characters imo. more couldve easily been done to characters that couldve have helped balance the game out a bit more, but i mean what the fuck does capcom know about making a Vs game anyways. theyre fucking retarded, the whole lot of them.

so we get the mvc3 series and its beautiful, a ton of the cast is tourney viable, tons of odd teams that have crazy gimmicks and are fun to watch, well thought out specials, supers and normals for the characters, but, BUUUUT THE FUCKING GAME MECHANICS ARE ATROCIOUS AND HITBOXES HAVE LOST THEIR MINDS. umvc3 literally has every broken thing in the previous Vs games, plus more.

umvc3 cons
too much damage on assist
multiple assist calling in one combo with fairly minimal scaling
tac infinites. i just have to seperate it because its so dumb
ridiculous hit spheres that make mashing and or doing dumb shit in general completely fine because i will hit you from unbelievable angles and STILL go right into a full extended bnb
not enough overall health in a game where doing a million damage is the norm
guard breaks/untechable throws
untechable throws in xf by just mashing
there is something about throw breaking i also hate but i cannot articulate it right now
invincible supers that without xf allow for full combo followups
lvl 3 supers which lead to follow. not all are invincible, but a majority are. is it not enough that you can just level 3 my offense for free damage, but you also get to follow up after it.
no anti infinite mechanic at all. who the fuck does nitsuma think he is thinking he can prevent infinites
too much explosive animation shit on assist making mixups really ridiculous to block at times. you nerfed tri jumpers so it wouldnt be like mvc2 rape all over again, but gave them these crazy assist to hide behind that make the nerf almost fucking meaningless. lol
the aggressive hit stun deteroriation added in umvc3 was just stupid and added some arbitrary ass difficulty for no reason
building meter in “power up modes” is stupid. im surprised they didnt allow wolvie to do it

im sure i have a few more, but when it comes to anything outside of how beautiful umvc3 is, and the great individual work and imagination done for the characters, umvc3 is a completely busted ass game.

mvc2 had busted shit too with how fast assist regenerated and how powerful some of them were, on top of the game being so fast that blocking tri jumpers was just a flip of the coin, which wouldnt be so bad if there werent so much shit on the screen, double snap glitch was obviously busted, but overall its gameplay was still pretty solid, and one thing i miss a lot is just not doing extreme ridiculous damage on the opponent or if you caught an assist, and doing long drawn out ass combos.

so yeah, im tired of typing, because i could talk mvc2 a bit more and how much of a piece of crap it is, and learned nothing from xvsf, mvsf, or mvc1, but overall even though mvc2 is still mad cheap and we all hated to lose to guard breaks, roms into unblockable resets, etc… but i didnt feel as cheap as the way you lose in umvc3.

so i guess all in all they both kind of suck, but are both good in their own ways. at least with umvc3 we get an awesome new cast to play with for a while, and tons of viable teams to toy with.

“You can play against people online without having an Xbox Live Gold account; now that’s pretty nice.”

“The music was good but too big for your MP3 Player.”