[MvC2] Wavedash into throw


Here’s a really good shortcut way of performing this technique.

For characters that don’t have certain QCF/QCB moves, you can wavedash then do the motion plus fierce/rh to get the throw. It’s easy and it works, and you can stick an assist easily into the initial down part of the throw. If they have moves for all QCF/QCB moves, you can do the standard DB,F method, but it’s a bit harder.

This is a pretty powerful technique once you get it down. You can start small by wavedashing in and calling anti-air assist, get them used to that, then wavedash into throw.

Characters who can QCF/QCB shortcut: (asterisk means don’t do HCF/HCB)

Magneto - all*
Cable - QCB+HK (if a grenade has been exploded)
Sentinel - QCB+HP
Spiral - all* (QCFs are without swords only)
Cyclops - QCB+HP, QCB+HK (can also HCB+HP for eyebeam throw)
Psylocke - QCB+HP*, QCB+HK*
Iron Man/War Machine - QCF/QCB+HK
Commando - QCF+HK (if a partner is onscreen)
Tron - QCB+HP
Cammy - QCB+HP*
Dhalsim - QCF+HK (can also HCB+HP for noogie)
Iceman - QCB+HK (not really worth it though)
Juggernaut - all*
Megaman - QCB+HP
Omega Red - QCB+HP, QCB+HK
Rogue - QCB+HP
Silver Samurai - QCF+HK
Colossus - QCB+HP, QCB+HK
Wolverine - QCF/QCB+HK
Bonerine - QCB+HP, QCF/QCB+HK
Morrigan - QCB+HP, QCF/QCB+HK (can also HCB+HP for vector drain)
Felicia - QCB+HP, QCF/QCB+HK (can also HCB+HK for spin throw)
Bison - QCF/QCB+HP*
Marrow - QCB+HP
BB Hood - QCF+HP
Venom - QCB+HP*, QCB+HK
Ken - QCB+HK
SonSon - QCB+HP*, QCF+HK*
Thanos - QCB+HP, QCB+HK
Captain America - QCB+HP*, QCB+HK
Ruby Heart - QCB+HP*
Akuma - QCB+HP, QCF+HK (can also HCB+HK for hell wheel)
Spider-Man - QCB+HP*, QCF+HK
Sakura - QCB+HP (Dark Sakura only), QCF+HK
Jill - QCB+HP*
Hulk - QCB+HP*
Chun-Li - all*
Sabretooth - QCB+HP*
Dan - QCB+HP
Hayato - QCB+HP
Gambit - QCF/QCB+HK
Shuma-Gorath - all*
Roll - QCB+HP (with leaf shield on/rockball out)
Guile/Charlie - all


good stuff Dasrik
thanks for the help :smiley:


Thanks Dasrik. You are sexy.


Haha, damn, I used to do it the old fashion way, should have thought of that sooner, some of those characters have nasty set-ups after throws. Good stuff Dasrik.

With Cyclops, you can do DB+HK while dashing to go right into his neck flip throw after dashing too. He is probably the easiest person to dash throw with, well before this method of dash throwing was posted, heh.


Damn this is harder than I thought! But nice technique Daz, I gotta get it down


this is not hard at all. its really easy, the hardest part is actually making full use of this tactic in an actual match. Good players hardly sit still long enough for you to wavedash up to them, they will usually jump or call aa.

get this down, it will greatly improve the games of many players, ecspecially the ones with resets.


Wavedashing is dashing in, momentarily pressing a punch of kick button, and then dashing in again, correct? So what I’m doing here is dashing in, pressing a punch of kick button, then quickly dashing again and throwing a qcf or otherwise motion onto the end of it, thus resulting in a character’s throw?

I’d just like to clarify it, I’m not exactly knowledgeable on the matter.



What was hard was the timing of it. Like do I cancel the wave dash to the technique, or wait for the wave dash to end to the technique? Seemed like everytime I got it out it was the latter. I think using it in a match will most likely be when a player is getting up. And people who combo throws with assists.:cool:


The technique works because the down part of the QCF/B cancels the dash, then you go right into the throw.

And getting close enough to do it is usually a matter of conditioning. You usually want to get them to block first, either by dashing in and calling anti-air, or dashing in on cover of Sentinel/Doom.


Also with certain characters you can call assist right before you throw and have a REALLY fast touch of death kinda thing.

Example w team combofiend

Mag on point dash in hcb+fp+ironman aaa and it "throw"combo’s and dash in from there or if they roll{not sure if you can} wavedash and triangle jump.At any rate the shit hurts.

Also, i had no idea cable could call psy in the corner right before he did a fk throw into the corner and it would combo.Follow up with c.lk,s.fk y’know… Similar to storm/psy if you get it…


their really is no timing involved with this. You can be right in front of the opponent, then begin too wavedash, then do the motion for the character that Dasrik posted with the appropriate button. you don’t have to stop or anything like that.
When you tap down while dashing, it will cancel the dash.

So when basically when you are dashing, you do the motion (say qcf p), then the down part of the qcf cancels the dash, and the foward part of the qcf will be the input to throw. If you have the game at home, go into training, then wavedash all the way up to the character, when you are face to face with them, do the move that the character requires.


that mag/ironman combo is sick.


Pryde did a whole list of assist that connected after certain character’s throws, probably still here or it was before the crash, I dunno.


he didn’t apply this technique nor did i see psylocke added into cable’s throw in there. i could be wrong though.

Oh yeah, when your opponent is in the corner, cable can throw the opponent backwards into the sentinel drones then launch into ahvbXXhail if you’re playin cable/storm/sent lol


that shit was dirty:mad:


Dasrik you are fucking awesome, this is good deal stuff:)

Zenpuken, your big headed magneto scares me and yet makes me laugh:lol:


this is some good stuff Das.


this same dash cancelling concept is similar to my post on starting a wave dash with two quick dashes combined into a singular modified motion… here is a link for anyone interested… http://shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16182


this same dash cancelling concept is similar to my post on starting a wave dash with two quick dashes combined into a singular modified motion… here is a link for anyone interested… http://shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16182


wtf does all of the abv. mean?!