MVC2: What are they now? Strider

It seems to me that the tier lists is really changing, i mean ever since clock left. Because his ass is now in the hands of a chocobo, does this mean Strider/Doom is dead? Meaning not exhistant in competative play, going down like Blackheat, Spiral and Doom?
Why? So there has only been one Strider-jwong player “clockwOrk”, but i think if someone tries hard he/she can prove that Strider/Doom is still as good as Sentinel and the rest.
Sure Strider dies quick, but that is only because of the multiple errors of the user; Storm and Magneto don’t have that great of a stamina either so degrading Strider because of his vitality is bullshit.
Strider still has billions of shit in his pocket that have uses against anyone, sure his damage aint above average but i think his ownage priority and fast normals make up for that. Not to mention, open oros can be segnificant to a one hit death.

Anyway, whats your opinions on the characters (doesn’t have to be strider)? How do you guys feel about Cammy, Iceman, Tronne, and BBhood (IMO anyone who is great using these 4 can dish out some shit)? Whats your top 12 list, etc.

watch the matches of Cw playing sent/doom vs another top tier mag(soo) or against justins sent/cyc ect.

Sent/doom gets raped until he builds enough bar and finds a dhc opportunity for strider.

The good parts about the team aren’t possible until you get meter. You NEED strider on point, with more than a bar(ideally) so he can do damage the only way he knows how(controlling the screen with orbs and attacking like that)

The problem is, sentinel is too limited to build the meter for him safely now. Strider still needs the drones though…

I love the character, i hope i am explaining my point well enough to get it through to you. Strider is bomb, but the team mechanics of the game sorta fucked him.

fuck man, i played clockwork at evo in one of the hotel tourneys, i picked my shitty sent/cyc and did really really well…and since sent/cyc bombs on sent/doom…


Pablo came over the other day and started MSP…I tried to play Spiral…but was ineffective. My Strider/doom got some wins…but yeah, Strider needs meter. I had an awesome comeback with Strider-Doom the other day, and even recorded it…I’ll put it up sometime later.


Well Clockw0rk not playing anymore doesn’t mean Strider is dead, it just means less tournaments won by that team. Really I still have to come with the time it takes to learn the team.
Believe me, theres more to learn about it now then there ever was and more to learn as well. It’s the only team I play and I know how deep it gets. I can rest assure any Strider play knows how it feels to be winning a match then get yourself a wall climb. Where I’m going with this is execution ,knowledge of the game, pulling out new things/tactics(which is good since little is known about this team) and getting in as much real damage as possible (IMO this is as important as anyother if not more).
Knowing this people also have to devote themselves which also can make people get frudterated and drop the team. Give it time and effort and it will work out. I’m sure more of Strider will be seen in the future. (hopefully this will inspire some young bucks to pick him up :slight_smile: )

As in he quit MvC2 to play FFXI? :confused:

well i’ve never played w/ strider.

i always use hayato,wolverine,spiderman. these are my favorite chars in the game. their strength or supers aren’t the best but i enjoy the chars. wolverine & spidey have always been comic favorites & i loved hayato in plasma blade.

i’ve won a couple of matches @ local arcades but mostly just play @ home b/c it’s more enjoying b/c whenever i pick my players in public every1 laughs.

ah well…the game is still fun.

And I like pizza. So what?

eddie lee still plays strider/doom on point. Just cause clockwork isnt around don’t mean jack shit daddy.


I agree with you on that Mix. Strider needs drones as a secondary assist more than anything, and he needs meter (w/c Sentinel can’t give).
But i still think Sentinel/Doom is pretty good, the reason why they apear so horribly is maybe because People confuse Doom to much with Commando, magneto or Storm[a]. This is “what i think” the main reason of Sentinel/Doom’s negative reputation.

Well, how about the other characters, Like Ironman and Cammy?

OBTW: What is your top 20 list?

I dunno I think strider/doom goes well ith either storm or cable. Cable good AA, storm good dhc to strider.


mixup does bring up an excellent point. i’ve seen vids of clockw0rk playing and it seems like he’s losing big time until he DHC’s in strider, then strider makes a big comeback, until the inevitable fuckup, then it makes the comeback that much more tragic because everybody knows the fuckup is coming. then doom is praying to hit photons xx HSF to salvage the fight and get some real damage quickly.

so what options does strider have to still be a contender? i say switch out sentinel for storm (or cable or cyclops to a lesser extent). sounds kinda crazy because strider supposedly needs drones so much to cover that 45 degree angle that he gets rushed down at (and for resets/combos/etc), but i think storm would be just as effective as sentinel. storm can actually do an aircombo into super, and DHC into strider and it’ll connect if done right. this gives strider the REAL damage he needs early in the fight so strider isn’t the centerpiece of the team so much, plus you won’t burn a meter getting strider in (since you usually do a blocked HSF to DHC strider in).

IIRC, jwong played storm/strider/doom in the early days. i know sentinel has advanced exponentially since then and jwong’s storm was probably better than his sentinel at the time, but maybe he was onto something with storm instead of sentinel…

good thread

Jwong actually played Silver Samurai/Strider/Doom in the VERY early days of MvC2 (1st month or so). Silver Samurai ninja stars/doom rocks chips too good :slight_smile:

Weird team I experimented with:

Don’t call it a comeback

I dunno. I’m watching the clock vs. justin vids. The only reason clock is really losing in the beginning with Sent is because he gets hit with the Storm/Sent DHC. No shit you’re gonna be losing after getting hit with that. Before that, it’s more or less a back and forth match most cuz it’s the Storm vs. Sent matchup and Sent can actually handle that. Anyway, i think a person giving up on Strider because Clock plays less now would be an example of one of the things wrong with the community. It’s no different from a lot of people waiting for Viscant to tell them what characters are good from back in the day. If you can make your team work, Clock’s presence or lack of presence isn’t going affect your performance

IMO Sentinel works best with Doom flying low calling Doom getting them Down there with you instead of above you and sometimes using flyback technique. This can be a great way into playing around with the opponent to get them into the corner. Doom assisting requires the proper timing if you want to be effective, so learn that. He’s not Commando where you can spam up on his assist as he is a very important member of that team to risk like that, plus the fact that there are unique ways to make his presents mch more powerful.

You put enough effort into learning Strider and he’s still a strong contender… this isn’t saying that you can do that with any character, because not all characters have the tools to go up against the big 4. Strider does… it’s just it takes so much time and practice to know what to do when along with perfect execution that makes people stray away from Strider. You can’t just land a random hit into ROM like you can with Magneto.

I should stop talking now because I play Amingo on point.

Explain? :confused:

Does anyone have any vids of Eddie Lee playing Strider/Doom? Sounds like it would be pretty interesting to see.

I guess I’ll go ahead and throw in my two cents. Yes indeed, Strider needs love :encore: . I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to be good with Strider/Doom you have to be good with several third characters for him. So not just Sentinel like Clockw0rk always played. Also, (and it seems a LOT of S/D players are forgetting this) playing a good Doom/(insert third character here) is very important.

Silly, Chocobo don’t have hands!

Eddie’s Strider style is a lot less aggressive when compared to clock’s and he tends to play a lot safer. He isn’t constantly downing meter with strider and will often just play zone and defend, which he does pretty well. The reason for this is clear when you look at his team and the order (Strider/Cable/Doom). For the most part, his Cable is usually the one who finishes his matches.