MvC2: What do you do in the beginning of a match?

I usually block, then call assist. I used to SJ too.

I usually come out attack with crouching lk. Of course, there are people with higher priority. This is what I think how it goes for some.

Chun Li
Magneto/Storm (I don’t know)

I used to use Spiderman on point and found out these people beat him. Later on, I use Magneto and discovered my c. lk could beat most but somehow a guy w/ Chun Li was faster and got the first hit. Guile’s just weird. His seems to be slow, IMO, since he has to stick out his whole leg, but it just comes out fast.

Just stick out a c.LK with Mag/Storm, then call an assist, tri jump back. With Sent, jump back

1 frame moves work great aswell… but can be out prioritize.

Jump back, call Sent-g, try to glitch up without getting my mouth torn off…

…yeah, that’s pretty much it.


I usually pray to some mayan god for good fortune. Jump back call assist and continue to pray.

Kat … we should play… give me a ring this friday

its not a good idea to bust out with an assist if it’s cable on point against u…

I usually push block cause most people will try to hit you.

It’s not the worst thing in the world if it’s the very beginning of the match.

Let Sent soak up that one lousy AHVB, and then you might get a little 10-second window (more or less) where you can actually get in there and do something to his dumb ass without getting fried.

"May backfire, but for a lot of low-tier, there’s nothing really to lose. Worth trying…"

I like to jump foward lk lk while calling assist.

or lp lp depending on character.

I dun think jumping back with sent is good idea coz he can easily be guard broke with anyone i usually jump back callin AAA with sent unless i have commando

with mag i just stick out a dash and crouch and see what happens… s.lp vs sent (stuffs him everytime) or super jump a/d d/f calling psy aaa or regular jump a/d d with lk.
storm or call assist
cable… crouch while calling aaa

occasionlly i start match out with force field with mag… works =)

i’ve done that a few times, and ya it usually works if ya do it fast enough and they attack.

when ever i start a match with sentinel i usually just block against their or jump over them while doin a few lp an call out capcom if it depends sometimes i know what they usually do and act on that

Actually i think that jumping straight upor forward is faster than jumping back in the beginning. You may get tagged in the toes if you jump back.

Try to go for a fast over head.

Normal jump, dash down (real fast), Or something.

Works real well with Magento, Storm, and Ironman.

i play same guy everytime, and he uses sent, he jumps back so i just dash, then throw, or dash, wait for his aaa assist, then throw out psylocke, into a combo

before the match i jiggle the joystick back and forth really fast just to see magz move funny. then when i see the word “Fight” i trijump with hk. gets them everytime heheheheh.

If I have Magneto/Storm, I jump and call Storm at the same time… LK, LK, HP, HK…

If the person happens to get caught by my four-move gambit, Storm’s assist connects somewhere in there (sometimes) and then I go into launch.

If the opponent blocks, at least Storm chipped a bit, or wiped out the opponent’s assist.

Either way I don’t get c.LK’ed.

tri jump with mag into lk -> mk and see if you can get the infinite right off the bat

against cable i usually call my assist and super jump the hell outta there to see if i can draw the AHVB. then i air dash behind him while he’s hitting my assist and air combo like the match depended on it(because it usually does).

as long as the opponent isnt playing iron man or mag/psy, i do whatever i want. I wont get THAT punished.