MvC2: When can you NOT dash?

I guess my old thread got deleted, because I can’t find it, and the only reason I assume it did was because I forgot to put MvC2 in the title. Sorry, I don’t post in Strat and Tactics often.

Anyway, occasionally I try to dash and I KNOW I’m pressing both punches at the same time, but sometimes it doesn’t come out. Instead, a punch does, which against a Cable can be deadly. I know you can’t dash while blocking, or too soon after an attack, but when else can or can’t you dash?

Does this happen when you’re close to the opponent? Whenever I try to button dash when close to the opponent the command is registered as a punch instead:confused:. This is why I only tap dash whenever I’m close, like doing Mags dash under resets, etc.

Okay, I haven’t thought of anything new that would cause your dash to reset. I suggest that if you’re going to let your airdash reset, make sure it’s d/b and NOT into an assist of the opponents. If they are playing any of the God tier, then you’re guardbroke. Storm will launch into aircombo or reset w/ a after guardbreak by assist, Mags will launch into infinite, Sentinel will HSF or RP you into it, maybe even AC launch into double RP combos. Cable, AHVB until his metallic arm falls off.

It’s not really worth have a lot of airdashes.

And also, something i might suggest for you is to learn wavedashing. If you ARE wavedashing, then you might not be hitting PP. If you are trying to wave dash and are just having problems, try this method. I used to do it before I practiced dashing and got wavedashing down good.

f, f + PP, it’s kinda like double dashing in a way, almost both commands are guaranteed to come out, that’s a way i like to dash short distances sometimes, as it’s quicker that way. I don’t know why you’d wanna be NOT wavedashinhg in close. In which case, follow the tip i gave to practice. [D/F + PP] is how you wavedash if you don’t know how. It’s basically crouch cancelling a dash over and over to only get the fastest part of the dash out over and over, making your dash faster, since they like to slow down at the end. Psylocke has the fastest wavedash in the game in my opinion. Blackheart and Zangief can not wavedash.

If you’re interested in dashing close, you might wanna try dashing throws. Basically you wavedash to the opponent and cancel the last d/f + PP into a s.f+hp/hk. It’s a way to do instantaneous throws if you want to trick up your opponent. It works commonly if you call a ground covering assist like Sent or Storm. I do it often with both of them helping each other, sent can punish w/ c.lp, blah blah in corner or if they roll he can c.hp, HSF while they stand. Storm can start rushdown/resets since her throws are unrollable. This allows for tech-hitting, but both Sent and Storm are capable of punishing tech hits, since you can even do this in the air. The hard part is returning the stick to neutral and normal jumping or quickly rushing down to a throw position before the assist hits. If they call their assist and you get hit, you should have a good shot at punishing their assist since it will be caught in your Sent or Storm. Cable works well with this strategy as well since his scimitar launches assists off screen, and the late calling of him will take the assist offscreen. Giving time to recover and punish harshly, especially w/ Storm or Sent.

Sorry to have gone off on a sidenote about storm/sent/cable, but I just have a strong belief that that team is the best in the game simply because of all the options is provides for. There’s the 2 best rushdown-oriented assists in the game, and combo extending. Then the most underestimated AAA in the game, which I’m NOT gonna get started on again, I’ll just use it to my advantage and tell people who care why it rocks.

Sorry about THAT sidenote.

Anyway, that’s basically how to do what you’re trying to do I think, along with some added strategies and tactics, especially for the team I love using. Once again, I welcome any wrong or supposedly wrong ideas I may have here, but I think overall I’m right.

You can dash as soon as you want after an attack, I believe. The only case where a punch would come out for a PP input would be if you’re already in a dash, or you’re in the air with a character that can’t airdash. If that’s not the case, you’re just not pressing it right. If you were to designate a single button to two punches, you’d find out that it’s a manual error most of the time.

Don’t forget, you can’t dash during flying screen either. IE Ironman FS infinte…he can’t dash under or anything.

yea, forgot about that, you think i would’ve posted that because ive been trying to try an exnteded combo w/ storm but flying screen keeps happening, if i get around flying screen i can’t seem to connect the combo, it SUCKS!!!

there are times when you can dash with f,f and you can’t dash with p+p. I never dash with p+p unless I’m wave dashing or airdashing.

I think one example is after a jump in. After you jump in with, say hk, you can dash in with f,f, but you cant dash in with p+p. Am I correct? But just to be safe, always fash with f,f unless airdashing or wavedashing. Those are pretty much the only 2 times when you can dash with p+p and not f,f. All other times, if it is possible to dash, it’s possible to dash with f,f.

my question is why doesnt the dash fucking come out…like ill launch with mag then all i go to do fk dashdownforward lk lk…but the dash never comes out like NOTHING comes out not even a punch its like the machine doesnt register when you press that shit simultaneously…what gives with this???..

im outi


That means you have to bother your arcade worker to fix the buttons.

Geekboy: Actually Heat’s question is very valid.

You can test this out on a dreamcast if you want.

Pick Magneto. Do triangle jump lk, lk, land, d+lk, d+hp (launch), SJ HK (combo stops because you cannot air dash).

However if you do triangle jump hk, land, d+lk, d+hp (launch), SJ hk, air dash, lk, lk

the air dash is able to come out for some weird reason.

thats because of flying screen. hasnt this been explained already. two or more hits in the air causes flying screen. ie jump in hk, launch rh ad df lk lk works, jump in lk lk wont. etc

anyway i think heat was referring to something else

INDEED!!! On the crappy controls in my college the strong button on the left side is always f’ed up, and thats for as long as i can remember.