MVC2: Who has the best beam assist?


I’ve been using iceman for a while now for his beam only, but i realized that when hes up, i get my ass kicked. Is there anyone thats OK in combos and stuff but has a good beam assist too?


iron man (although his AAA is more combo friendly)


magnus’s proj. assist is nasty… very quick, usually combo friendly/setup and does decent damage.


Magnetos is evil:evil:

Iron and Ice mans are pretty nice too


yeah, they mainly used to hold someone in place and chip…MAD CHIP!!


IMO For chipping, Iceman. For setting up combos, Magneto (a single hit beam)


icebeam can be really annoying.

magneto proj is good. im’s uni beam.

bleh i cant think of anymore right now.


Tested on Cable:

IceMan = base dam. 15-19and 6-9 hits.
IronMan = base dam. 12-18 and 3-5 hits.

so by the range of hits, IceMan should be doing more damage. but because Ironman’s holds them in place instead of bouncing them, his more combo friendly, and overall a better character.


OK then, thanks for the info. :wink:

{It’s just that I use Repulsor Blast assist more often}


oh, don’t get meeh wrong; i’m not saying it’s the best assist he has. I use his AAA aswell, it does phat damage! and it covers a lot of the screen for a good while…


I think tron bonnes projectiles kicks ass, its really combo friendly and man oh man it does tonnes of damage.


theres no doubt about that… but surprisingly enough it’s glitched, and IM’s isn’t and does almost as much.


CApcom AA asist is pretty good, CAble AA is good, Cyclops AA is Good, Sentinel Ground Assist is hot, just to name a few


not to be rude, but wtf are you talking about!? the thread is about beam assists…


whats so good about bonnes assist?
…and hows it glitched?




Moved, no bearing on this forum.


try out her assist and see how much damage it does :wink: try this combo with mag with t bonnes assist,, hypergrav :evil: MAD DAMAGE

“Combo property of Amdabes” <----- Yeah that’s right


Best “Projectile” assists:

  1. Magneto
  2. Tron Bonne
  3. Sentinel
  4. Storm
  5. Spiral

Best Beam assists:

  1. Iron Man
  2. Iceman
  3. Cyclops
  4. Cable
  5. Doom


I love using iceman and Iron Man’s projectile assists because of the chip.