=== MvC2 win poses... TOYFARE STYLE! ===

Please feel free to come up with and post your own. The story behind this is I was watching my son play with his Doom toys that he got from McDonald’s or somewhere and he is really into Spider-Man and he has a couple of those around too, so I got to thinking…
“Alejandro, go bring you Spider-Man toys” later…
I posed Spider-Man, then the Doom’s aroud him… (he had 3 of them, which is where I got the idea of him surrounding Spidey like in his win poses) anyway… without further ado I would like to present:
Doom Wins!

The pic is kinda large, but if you can shrink it so you can view the whole pic in your browser.

Don’t know if I was either really bored or have been playing Marvel too much… you decide!

grow up and stop playing with dolls

Hey, at least I don’t go searching around ebay for any then buying them like someone I know cough sixtymhz cough, or any other place for that matter.

Haha nice. Do more!

Whatcha talkin about Willis??

Yeah, but that was like 4 years ago and they are still in packaging at moma dukes house.

peace out

do another one

I’ll look for more superheroes that my son has lying around. Don’t think he has a Wolverine though…

You my friend…are THE ‘Hardcore gamer’

I salute you.


omg… I just notice spidermans head after I blew it up.