MvC2 winamp skin I made



download here:

This was my 2nd attempt to make a skin. The way I make them is very slow and tedious, so I don’t plan on making another one anytime soon>,<


Hmm, looks unfinished. Good job, nonetheless. I’m digging the Kobun volume/balance buttons.

EDIT: lol they get crazy when you click on them.


PS: Hey dude err lol how do you make winamp skins i make wanna try and make some…


Thats pretty sweet, I’m going to start making some too. Just need time and ideas.


Certain areas I didn’t know how to skin effectively. That is why it looks unfinished.

How to make skins? I’m sure there’s an easier way to do it, but I just take a screencap of a preexisting skin, using it for reference, and constructing another design over it. I go into each file, select each button, copy and paste it over my skin design, find out where that button location is by matching it to the screencap image I took (which is a layer in photoshop) copy/paste every little section, and modify the button designs/text.


Try this out for winamp 2 skins. Read the README.txt first, its actually important.


That’s awsome man,how you can do you’re own skin… dam i think i’ll give it a shot also,nice work PS.

TG-Funny av man,it’s the cookie monster.


I couldn’t find the README.txt. Only the SkinnersAtlas1.wsz


open the wsz… its in there


Use winzip to extract, then in the wsz is the files you need.

I’m workin on a greg graffin one, Ill post a screen later.

This tool is pretty cool, reloads your skin instantly when you are modding.

Also, the skin tools section at has some good stuff.


I got it to open. For some reason, it would only apply the bare skin onto Winamp whenever I clicked the wsz file. I’m guessing it could be due to me still using an older version. I had to change the file extension of wsz to zip.


how do i install it?


Just dl the .zip file into your winamp/skins folder and it should appear as one of your skin selections.

Great job PS. It looks great. Avatar is too good as well. :smiley: