MvC2: Winning w/out using top tiers

Is there any possible way to win against the BIG 4 (Storm, Cable, Sentinel, Magneto) WITHOUT actually having to use them yourself? This also excludes the use of glitched assists and what not. I am talking about beating a sentinel with either Captain America or Marrow. Is it possible? O_O

Of course. However, it’s very possible that the attitude that is binding you to characters like Captain America or Marrow is the same attitude that will make it impossible to beat those 4 characters, regardless of who you use. I know from experience =X

My advice would be to re-evaluate your stances on things such as cheap, cheese, cheating, etc. After that, come back to those characters and see what you have to work with- that is, see how much of your brain you can put on-screen using those characters. Instead of looking at character strength, I’d rather look at what a character can do, and this is true of all fighting games. There are strong characters who can do alot, strong characters that can’t do much, weak characters who can’t do much, and also weak characters who can do alot. What are you interested in?

I guess my point is, alot of people use characters like Storm or Sentinel not just because they’re strong, but because there’s just so much more you can do with them. That is, so much more of your brain that you can put on-screen. IMO there are plenty of characters that can do alot of stuff and aren’t top 4. Though, I’m not sure Captain America is one of them heh.

sorry for the rant


it is, but you’ll have to work harder.

It’s possible but hard to do. VDO doesn’t use top 4 and he’s still really good.

What if you don’t particularly like the look or gameplay style of the “top tiers”? No matter how good you can be with them, if you plain don’t like them you won’t have fun even if you’re doing well. I find I usually like mid-low tier characters just because they are generally more interesting or more fun to play.

This is usually decided by the tastes of an individual imo. Once you’ve given a fair shake to each of the different characters, you’ll naturally find things with each character that draw you to them(zoning tools, rushdown tools, positioning tools,assist types).
Experimentation with all of the characters is one of the most important ways for you to build knowledge of the game up. As you progress from character to character, it’s useful to compare their toolsets so that you can begin building useful strategies in each matchup. When i first started playing mvc2, i hated most of the top tier characters until I really gave each of them a chance. Eventually I gave in and really tried to learn all of them, I was blown away with all of the options available to me and the character really got me thinking about what is possible within the limits of the game. that willingness to experiment really helped with my character choices and eventual team selection.

If you know how to play Sentinel, really play Sentinel, and say with a straight face that you are not having fun

You are a liar.

and well, if you don’t have fun winning, then you should probably re-evaluate why you want to win so badly

No need to apologize, you laid it down to a point where I can understand. thanks

AHVB is hype and fun.

sentinel will hurt your wrist but make you feel badass.

Magneto combos are sexy.

Hail storm is fun to mash.

no other characters give me that satisfaction that the top 4 does. i will run low tier for fun but wolverine not being able to combo off his dive kick or characters maxing out at a 15 hit air combo gets old and makes me want more…so i return to the top tiers

It’s greatly possible. Requires patience and extensive knowledge of the characters. You’d also have to lose soooooo muuuuch to them in the beginning to get used to their moves and patterns.


ok clockw0rk said it best (I LOVE YOU BTW!!!) there is alot that top tiers can do that low tiers can’t do. When you sit down and re-evaluate glitched assist (I still don’t understand this) and what is cheap in this game, then I think you will be ready to fight top tiers.

Sit down and actually LEARN YOUR CHARACTERS. Why do you think VDO wrecks these people all the time? He sat down and learned Wolverine, Bonerine, Rouge, Ken, Colossus and Cammy. He knows those characters like the back of his hand. He knows what is and what is not safe with these characters. He learned the match-ups, those 100% assist kill combos his no meter 50% combos, when to rushdown, etc.

If you really want to play Captain America and Marrow, learn them, know them and play your heart out.

P.S. Cap America is slow, but he has alot of priority. His fierces have wide ranges and his j. u+hk is godlike. Cap Am is more of a assist punishing character than a rushdown character.

I think limiting yourself in any form will ultimately determine your success or failure.

With that being said, lots of people in here have come up with reasonable and very moot points. Personally I think it all depends on the player and the team chemistry.

Look at clock!!!

Tron’s projectile assist ignores damage scaling and does 45(?) damage if all 3 rings hit. Under normal circumstances it won’t hit with all three (probably how it made it into the final game), but if you cross the opponent up and attack them during the assist you will push them into each ring for the full 45 damage.

Juggernaut’s powered up state normally only lasts for one attack, but if Juggernaut tags out while powered up (tagging him out with alpha counter also works), he remains permanently powered up for the rest of the match even if he is brought back out on point.

There are some other glitches involving capture/throw assists, but they are all impractical or have been removed from the 360/PS3 version.

small correction: 45 dmg per ring*

so if all 3 hit, you’re looking at 135 dmg (~94%… max lifebar is 143) on an avg defense chara (cable/ryu/etc)

Its very possible, i started off as a top tier player, most players in new york frowned upon the use of low-tiers due to the times competetive nature. After everything passed and now i have time to practice all the characters ive ever wanted to practice with, ive been having success with low-mid tier characters against god tier due to my experience fighting them over the years with iron man. My whole outlook on low tier characters changed as i started applying my top tier tactics with the newly found zoning options. I started realizing that the lower tier characters give options that none of the top 4 offer and vice versa (most not being as good but definitley new options). I can pull a win out on most good players now a days with mostly any character of my choosing, mainly ruby heart <3<3. Theres nothing i can say that clock and mixup haven’t said already.

Damn lots of MvC2 heroes up in this thread.

UltimateKisame27 better feel the love!

Learn dat Marrow guardbreak.

Mash j. Fierce with Cap all day!

Honestly, the only way you’re gonna win against god tiers is to hope they suck. Playing low tier vs a good high tier user when you suck is not very fun. The reason these OGs say it can be done is because they are usually 100x better than their opponent, or if their name is VDO. I’m assuming you want to use Cap. America because o MvC3? Don’t worry, everyone is gimped in that game he’ll be a lot more competitive there.

That being said, you can probably random out a MSP with those characters if you pick Cap. Commando assist lol.

Good advice here so far!

This is a fairly important topic I think, considering there’ll be a new Marvel in a couple weeks. People are going to find some broken combos and options with a handful of characters, and a god tier is going to be declared-- much sooner than it did with 2, since the framework for how to fight grimey has already been laid. People will make videos of said broken combos and options, and it’ll be ‘common knowledge’ that A, B, and C characters are godlike, and X, Y, and Z are ass. A lot of people will think they need to pick from the god tier stable in order to compete, but you don’t have to be one of them.

The battle for supremacy between two characters is never fought on paper, or in theory. It’s always a situational thing. There’s a low or mid-tier (or just plain execution/performance driven solution) to every god-tier problem. Getting double-snapped by MSP? Well, there are characters with better snap hitboxes and ranges than Magneto. Hell there are characters that can make you watch helplessly while you toast their assist and keep them locked down. Wanna reduce Magneto’s damage output? Learn to mash out of Tempest to a 90% success rate. Sent unblockable? Learn to make use of your character’s guaranteed guard frames and just block it. Caught in America’s favorite DHC much? Well, the amount of characters who can kill or all but kill a character off of one hit with 3 meters is impressive. Depressed by Magneto’s opening move options? There’s a low tier team that can 100% Magnus free if he opens with his fastest normal.

The bottom line is, know the game, and know the characters. It’s one thing to not enjoy playing as the God tier. It’s entirely another to write them off as cheap and pretend they don’t exist. If you understand why they are so powerful, and understand how they need to maneuver in order to be effective, it will give you both an idea of how you can emulate the effectiveness of their play style in some way with your own characters, as well as allow you to capitalize on the common trends they fall into.

NOt really because of MvC3, I just want to give the characters that get less attention a chance. I already know what Cable, Sentinel, Storm and Magneto can do, but after a while those characters can get very stale too. I also want a challenge to where I can say I beat a high tier character with a low tier with pure effort.

I appreciate all of the input put into this topic so far. Thanks!