MvC2 XBL lessons

just an idea, i saw some vids for mags infinite and not coming close to getting it, maybe if someone can add me on xbl and give me some tips, see what i am doing wrong. i guess other people can use this thread for similar stuff. if there is another thread like this ,sorry.

my gt is - xxraikirixxx and i veto slayer

Are you using a pad or a stick? If you’re using a pad… good luck with Mag’s infinite. I’m sure it’s still doable but it’s much easier on a stick. I’ve seen people do it consistently on a dreamcast pad but the XBOX pad’s buttons seem much more stiff to me.

Also, this game REALLY needs to allow online practice mode.

i am using a stick, an SE with stock parts. and the online practice would be a great idea for any online fighting game.