MvC2 XBLA PSN close? read before flaming

G4 has some interesting news. Capcom is interested in doing an HD version of MvC2!! Woo!

Nothing set in stone yet but here is hoping!

oops, same info other places…just different site. please delete this thread

oh really? let the flame begin. theres no way in hell there will ever be a mvc2 remake so stop dreaming already. just think of all the lawsuits haha. this is like the 100th thread so stop already.

The failboat is over there points

You do have to admit that G4 is a more credible source of info than Kotaku and some other sites that other people gave.

Fucking New Users. Why Dont You Search More

G4 is shit. it’s like a poor man’s spike tv and spike tv is pretty crappy itself. AotS has brian crescente on a lot so no it’s credibility is pretty low.

The problem is not that your source is more credible, it’s that there are a lot of threads for this already and USUALLY, you’re supposed to post your link in one of the threads that are already there. Creating a new thread (despite it being significant information) isn’t necessary.

Noted. Next time I will use the search function more thoroughly.

lol u mad

I guess. The search function isn’t what it used to be anymore.

i h3ard Dante is going to be in MvC3. i have screenshots.

Yup Sagat, Zero And Thor Also

Yeah I heard the same. I also saw a screen shot with Human Torch assist.

there is absolutely no way there will be ever be an hd version of mvc2. the amount of manpower that would take would be huge, and then you have the technical restraint of somehow cramming 6 sets of uncompressed 1080p sprites into the 360/ps3s rather limited memory…

Lol you guys mind if I get that screenshot?


So Awesome Lol

While I agree it won’t likely happen, Marvel has a huge art resource I think they could handle things on their end if MVC2 wanted to go HD. Also I’m pretty sure the 360 and PS3 could handle it no problem but it couldn’t be a LIVE Arcade game it’d have to be on disk. I think it’s all the other things that would be more of a problem, mostly legal and time considerations I’d guess.

But seriously Dante vs. Deadpool needs to happen and there needs to be in-fight dialog between the two.

I don’t know, if they do it, that would be amazing.

If not, oh well and I just don’t want this to be a false game. There are a lot of people that likes this game.