MvC2 XBOX Live Announcement?



Can anyone keep me updated if MvC2 goes live today according to rumors?

The counter on should be hitting zero today around 6PM PSM.

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a repost.


it’s live, and you don’t see much news


Summer release, HD mode’s.


I wonder if it will be more like the DC/Arcade version or the PS2/Xbox version. I really hope it’s just like the DC/Arcade.


Sure I’ll send you a PM as soon as something comes up. Stay by the computer for the next 10 hours plz.


I just hope they use the modded GGPO code for it (a la HDR) and not the shit-tastic SF4 net code.


yea i read in ign i think that they are using the hdr net code so it will basically be the same features and lag. NOT based off of sf4


I’ve never played this game before and I’m happy to pay 1200 ms point for it. Can’t wait for the Madcatz MVC 2 TE Arcade Stick and Fightpad too lol


Did anyone get a mysterious package in the mail today? I got a padded envelope with no return address.

I open it up… thinking its possily the swine flu someone mailed to me and its a black plastic case with in white letters on it. I havent opened the case but it smells like mints inside…


LMAO…swine flu…

actually some other peeps have received the same package. It has peppermints inside according to the main thread in fighting discussion.


werid wonder where they got the address from. Maybe tried to an HDR download?


might be when you download your PSN account lets them have your address. Don’t see the point in mailing people this, though…I feel left out, however.


they were giving those away at the gameworks tournament too weird


hm>.> no mvc2 demo yet on live but theres one on psn =(


I thought this thread would tell me something useful, I was totally wrong.


from what i understand the Port is going to based off of the Dreamcast version and will have all 56 characters playable from the start. wOOt!


im geeked up about this, i’ll be on 1st day.


Ive never played this game before is it worth the how many ever Microsoft points?


Yes, it def is worth whatever they ask for it, I remember buying the Dreamcast Japanese import… I’m sure that will be more expensive then the online HD upgrade that will be available in June for the 360 :wink: I just wish they could have had backgrounds like the first MvsC, I think the first one had much better music and backgrounds vs the MvsC2… oh well, can’t win them all!


That package is creepy ~~ I’d be curious to open it though ~