MvC2's Lost Potraits

I have a lot of artwork, images, gifs, and etc saved, but what has be-who’ved me is for the potraits of the MvC2 characters, I cannot find the originals for Magneto and Storm! gamesgen or whatever doesn’t have it, googling it doesn’t turn up results, and the best I can find are cropped, zoomed potraits of them. In all galleries I have found, everyone’s present except for those two and either it’s the cropped version, or the xvsf portrait version.

Anyone has these? Thanks.

Why is this so? Sounds like a job for Scooby and the gang, but seriously has anyone else noticed this?

I noticed this too… I remember reading somewhere that there was a reason why- I’m guessing it wasn’t in the art book? But it should be possible to rip now with Chankast right?

Yeah I had to use an older version of storm’s portrait because of it in this layout:

yeah, but I can’t stand having those two stand out among characters I choose to use in artwork.

Yeah i’ve been looking for those for years now.

where can i find more artwork like this, specifically mvc2 artwork

i had the whole mcv2 set uncropped before my re-format… i forgot to back it up though :’(

actually, there is a link somewhere in this part of the forum where they had a link to a huge HQ forum with images. Its is stickied in one of the threads on the top of this forum.

That link has all of the portraits minus Magneto and Storm for those who were looking. I also have been after the Mag/Storm ones for a while.


There’s a good majority of those that are cropped.

I have like 53 of the portraits in reallyyy high quality… uh, some of the ‘secret’ poses.

Uh, I have like a bunch of the lost ones.

The PS2 scans

Like a ton of rips (sprites) from the game

Uh the vs screen portraits and a bunch of other stuff. lolol

Anyone AIM me if they want stuff. (I also have any other art from the game like end credits and other pics.)



Thanks. Ironically enough, I had someone send me all characters poses, vs screens, ripped from the PS2 just the other day! So I now possess all 56 images, but Mag and Storm seem to appear a bit dull, while the rest are sharp and bright.

Seriously… we bitch and search for years of MvC2 Mag and Storm’s pic and now that we have them… they aren’t like the rest! We just cannot get a break!
Magnetro: I have the same pics, and they appear the same… if they are ripped from the PS2 or whatever… Capcom must be hate Mag/Storm due to their portraits. I guess that is what photoshop is for right? Regardless, they are now available. Yay!! :lol:

magnetro and rotendo… would one of you fine gentlemen mind sending me the same package of high res pictures

im looking to try and make some marvel art but all i find arent good enough for more than 100 dpi work

my email is

anybody have marvel artwork to put on a stick?

Uh eidrian ripped the mvc2 portraits from the ps2 version. as for mag and storm-- yah I dunno why they’re in lq. the rest are like 2000X3000 lol

yeah, I didn’t want to say who, but Eidrian ripped them.

magneto and storm… so coincidental it’s those two also.