(MvC2West Coast Qualifier - Regency Fun Center (Lakewood, CA) -03/08/08

Yes, here is the tentative schedule so far for the tournament. I know its soon, but the only people that have legitimate complaints against that date are out of towners or people with unresolvable schedule conflicts, so players on teams please inform me about any problems with this date, I can’t guarantee a date change yet, but the sooner you inform me the easier it’ll be to resolve down the line.

Pokemon style, winner stays on.

Everybody pls vote on either 1 game or 2/3, only votes that will be counted for will be in this thread, and only players in the tournament will be heard. Majority takes it, in the event of a tie I have no idea so far.

+1 vote for one game.

List of teams (check back for updates).

Team HMC : Taiji/Reset/SooMighty/Ducvader/CYF

Team “Street Niggas”: Fanatiq/DarkPrince/Combofiend/Illan/Finesse

Team 3 :TheGreaterForce/Chris Schmidt/Clockwork/Shady K/Potter

Team ???: Chunksta/RowTron/Jmar/CableGuy/Crizzle

When all teams are collected, I’ll arrange for the bracket to be made online ala evo team tournament from an impartial person (NKI for example).


k, norcal has already agreed to do this, so we’re going to do TWO 5 man team qualifier tournaments. One in Socal, see above for title for details, and one in Norcal set for a later date. This gives seattle and others who wouldnt be able to make it out on such short notice more time to come down. So basically, SoCal qualifier vs Norcal qualifier at evo west or wherever to determine the spot. That way, the teams willing and able to come down to regency will fight for the spot, whereas the ones that aren’t still have another opportunity. Also, this gives teams that didnt qualify another opportunity to go to norcal for a 2nd chance.

=O!!! chunksta team with me thx!


3/10/08 = monday?

my bad rob, fixed (8th:Sat)

Wudddddddddddup Ruin!

haha, i have no idea wassup with the teams :confused:

Imma see if i can make it down there on the 8th. I dunno if i can 'cause i got work =/

u me and cableguy team mexico, tell cableguy to bring his sister

his sister will be teaming up with me/neezy/cj/mvc2 cpu, sorry ruin. =[

u… asshole :frowning:


anyway, love to watch this. but from what I understand is this suppose to be an official qualifier for evl? I haven’t heard anything announced about a 5 v 5 marvel tournament at evl, you should probably check with the people running evl to make sure its happening.

Cableguy’s sister is fuckin hot as fuck!


cableguy’s sister will mop your whole team up bitch.

Team HMC i like the teams…mostly MS players and all great Sentinel players too [=

it’s funny something about illan, I don’t see him as a “street” person and much less a "nigga’ =)

anyone wanna form a team with me? Let’s do this!

Wow this game still alive? Get with those 2008 fighters ftw. (Minus Street Fighter 4, that game is horrible.)

Where’s Bill?

I don’t think im on anyone’s team yet. So my team is just me, myself, and I" and she can’t handle that bitch.

brandon, come on man I think I seen you say this like 4 times hahah yes marvel is still alive it won’t die. Don’t know what u expect =) 2008 fighters blow, just cause it’s new doesn’t make it good.

nigga, cableguy’s sister can handle ALL men, and at all times!!! lolol BETCH!

Whats been up yall?

Team hmc is looking pretty buff. i mean with soo going first, and duc going last. and in the unlikely event that it gets to duc, that dudes got more tricks than the bunny rabbit.

team street niggas is gonna be a problem. fanatiq and finesse on the same team. this team is gonna be tough to beat.

looking forward to this, i’ll be there fo sho.