MVC3! 02/10/2011 Clifton New Jersey!


1:Datboi Kyle (60.00)
2:Adam"the jew hammer" Chirlin (25.00)
3:MistaH! Quotes!
5:Matt loves being girls!
5:Dame Mass!!
7:Raj Vicious
9:Mr westmilford!

Special Thanks go to meynard for donnating that 1 dollar pot bonus

Gonna have more of these. Maybe bi-weekly, who knows.

also I changed the venue to 3 dollars and entry to 7 to make the pot a little jucier for the winners.


DAMN Datboi Kyle stepped it the fuck up.


the first and last time i’ll place top 3 in this game.


Grand finals!!




Good shit last night man, wish I could have stayed for the finals. This game is gonna be hype as hell…