MvC3: 2/3rds: The Morrigan Team Building Thread



Morrigan needs one of these threads, so here it is.

I want to discuss which characters you guys thinks Morrigan would have strong synergy with, may it be assists, DHCs or just natural team chemistry. Post your ideas or teams you like to use her in and why. Try to explain how she works on your team or why you put her in whichever spot (point/anchor/middle). Just try to throw in something more than Xcharacter(xassist), Ycharacter(yassist), Morrigan (soul fist).

Ill try to keep the thread updated fairly regularly, or if someone wants to they can make another thread I would be glad to help them out with whatever shows up here. I just think our succubus friend needs a little help from the community

Lets get this thing going.

Edit: Umvc3 discussion starts on page 4, post 172


Morrigan is currently the third on my team, which is Wesker/Dormammu/Morrigan.

love that she is fast, has unique options to get in with her floating dash, and dark harmonizer assist is great for building meter for Dormammu when wesker is being my battery on point. wesker’s gun assist is great to OTG her combos and get her some extra damage, and Dorm’s tower assist is great for when i use her as light keepaway, and also has a few OTG options.

Dorm might be off my team soon, but currently it works really well, and Morrigan is actually my most consistent character on my team.
Early in matches, i try to land Wesker c.l, c.m, c.h, s > j.m, j.m, j.h > Team Air Combo > Dorm j.m, j.h > Team Air Combo > Morrigan j.m, j.m, j.h > cancel into LvL3 Hyper. will wipe out any weaker character, and if youve been teleporting and harmonizing a lot, its really easy to get the 3 bars of hyper for this. wont kill bigger chars, and can get stuffed by Aerial Counter, but if you change up the number of attacks midair by each char, its hard to stop, or at least obnoxious to your opponent. more on this team as i play it more.


I use Morrigan 2nd on my team. I run Felicia on point, Morrigan and Trish. I typically go with Shadow Blade assist to make up for Felicia’s lack of air ability and I use Low Voltage with Trish.

Her Shadow Servant is great to follow up a OTG attack.


I’m running Magneto-A/Morrigan-Y/Dormammu-A right now, and I really like it. Dormammu is pretty meter intensive so he has to come last, though Morrigan appreciates a bit of meter as well. I like Mags on point because he builds lots of meter just doing his thing, and lets me spam the Dark Harmonizer (when I remember) because people are typically blocking and he can safely protect Morrigan with jab EM Disruptor. Not having any invincibility on Morrigan’s A-assist has really put me off using it because I can’t rely on it to break up any attack without risking her getting caught (and then promptly dying). When Morrigan’s on point Dormammu’s Dark Hole enables cross ups and throws and generally lets me approach. As I continue practicing and eventually get the whole fly canceling soul fist thing down I may end up switching Dormammu to the Tower assist.


Morrigan doesn’t have the best DHCs, but i’ve been finding that X-23 seems to have some really good DHC synergy with her.
Weapon X Prime > Astral Vision allows you to activate Astral Vision mid-combo after Weapon X Prime, and from what i’ve been hearing, it even resets the damage, so you could potentially setup some big damage especially with X-Factor activated.


I run morrigan on point with shadow blade (rarely use it but its an ok gtfo me for sentinel), with amy and sentinel. I use amys cold star assist if I’m near an opponent, and sentinel drones if they are further away. Amy helps me locking characters down, I can then use her great crossups and flight to mess with them. If I feel like rushing down I use amys assist. If I feel a little bit more like keeping away I use drones assist and chuck fireballs with astral vision. Also, amy can actually DHC with either of her hypers after air missiles which is really helpful. Sentinel DHC after amy though hasnt proved too effective… yet. Been playing morrigan since day 1 and its great.

Another team I would suggest is Amy on point, Phoenix second, and morrigan third. Amy has great, great keep away if she wants to, which allows you to use morrigans meter assist to almost always get near 5 meters for if/when amy dies and phoenix comes in second. Use phoenix till if/when she dies get DP, and then you have the rest of the match to gain meter and use it with both morrigan and DP.


Nice :] this is coming along nicely
if anyone wants something to discuss, DHCs would be amazing
like Shiizu said, astral vision is subject to the newly found damage reset so if anyone wants to test it out with other characters and post it in here :smiley:
what im mainly thinking about is her finishing shower super, its just terrible in DHCs lol
its slow and almost never connects all of the missiles
the opponent can also tech out before hitting the ground, which means beam supers will not connect, nor will grab animation supers
iron mans angled maybe, ill test it right now


ok so one thing to notice is you can DHC finishing shower after all the missiles come out, so they keep they enemy in hit stun
so beams can work if its a low finishing shower, say from a grounded M shadow blade
since the hit stun from the missiles keeps enemies locked in place almost all supers will DHC in the corner (duh)
the problem is aerial finishing showers :\ since all of morrigans combos end with launch combos

hsien-ko’s ball super works because the balls fall from off the top of the screen
this just in: hulk has great synergy with morrigan :]
jeeze if im writing this much i might as well main her


Dante can DHC into Morrigan’s Finishing Shower if you’re close to the corner, also for DHCing out of Finishing Shower, Chris’ level 3 works perfectly in the air. Although I don’t think Finishing Shower is really that great in DHC combos, it’s better used as a way to DHC into something safe. X-23 again is a good example, her Rage Trigger is very unsafe on block, but if you DHC into Morrigan’s Finishing Shower, it gives you a huge advantage on guard. Think Trish’s Round Harvest.

For combos, I prefer Shadow Servant DHC, even though all hits may not connect sometimes, its still fairly strong since the small amount of hits means less damage proration.

I used to think Morrigan had really poor DHCs, but now I feel that she actually has a lot of variety in DHC options.


as ive been saying regarding DHC’s…Morrigan > Zero (needs to be done relatively early), Morrigan > Ammy (anytime), Morrigan > Iron Man (Diagonal Proton Cannon…i do it all day)…Morrigan > Wesker (Anytime), Morrigan > Hulk, Morrigan > Spidey (Anytime, same as Maximum Wesker)…Those are just off the top of my head…


I haven’t worked out how well the DHCs work together yet (I’m still working on execution and getting bnb’s down for my team, I took a long break from fighting games) but I’ve been using Dante B | Morrigan Y | Ammy B and it’s working okay. I never really end up using Dante’s assist at all because I usually let him die before I have a chance to pull someone else in (this is something I need to work on). I like Ammy’s assist to keep people out and I use Morrigan to feed the meter. When I have Morrigan on point I don’t do much so that’s what I’m trying to work on. For now she’s just a ‘get in whatever damage I can’ character as I’ve been focusing on bnb’s with Dante and figuring out an anti-Sent strat with Ammy. Ammy’s level 3 hyper is pretty fucking solid so I like having Morrigan around to build that meter back up for me.

That said I’m not dead set on any of this so suggestions would be awesome.


I really like morrigan as a character but have been finding problems fitting her into a team, usually i pick her assist which grants meter and pair her with deadpool or x-23 but i dont feel she really helps or i can use it as much as i like to, Would a X-23 (OTG assist), Deadpool (Quick work), Morrigan (Projectile) team work? really want to find a team i can get her to work with :(. Any advice on this team or character replacements would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


This is more of a Dormmamu thing, but if you like the two then here you go. I find that Morrigan’s meter assist is invaluable to Dormmamu; I imagine him as the machine gunner and Morrigan as the solider who holds the ammo belt and feeds it into the gun, haha. She can keep him topped up nicely for his Chaotic Flame punishes and Stalking Flare shenaningans, she goes really well with him. Also, she goes nice with Trish because of Round Harvest. Use it, tag Morrigan in (hard tag not DHC) which keeps them pinned down and go for her air dash tricks. Use j.S if they’re blocking low, or go for J.C cross up. If you can get to your opponent in time while Round Harvest is still spinning, use fwd.C, jump cancel into an attack of your choice to crack the fucker open.

DHC wise, ground combo, air combo, S, Shadow Servant DHC Chaotic Flame is really nice to beef up her damage output, and it knocks them full screen so you can go for Dorm’s zoning stuff.


Been playing with Wesker (samurai Edge), Dormammu (Purification) and Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer). Need to see if this teams gonna keep up well though not sure if wesker is a good point character for this team? and prob need to play with dormammu’s assist thou it seems pretty nice right now :slight_smile:


Wolverine a(Rarely use it)/Morrigan b/Sentinel a
Wolverine’s Berserker Barrage brings anyone to the corner, so Morrigan can DHC Finishing Shower. If the character’s already in the corner, Fatal Claw and Sentinel’s supers can DHC into Finishing Shower. Morrigan’s Shadow Servant can DHC into Wolverine’s Beserker Barrage and Sent’s drones mid/fullscreen. It doesn’t do the best damage vs. other assists, but you can OTF wolvie’s slide into Morrigan’s dp assist for an extra 100k. I don’t use dark harmonizer because Wolverine doesn’t really need meter and builds it relatively quickly.

I’m not 100% sure but if I were you I’d switch Deadpool for Tasky, X-23 can DHC her super into his up arrows and X’s OTG assist can get Tasky an extra launcher (i think.) Also try comboing Task’s down arrow super combo into Morrigan’s Finishing Shower, it should work.


am new to srk, so i apologise in advance if this is in the wrong place, but i thought morrigan team thread most best place, as its a query about a team with morrigan on point.

bascially i’m running morrigan (soul fist), c. viper (thunder knuckle), amaterasu (cold star).

am very new to the game and also fighting games in general, i really like these three characters mainly because i find it easier with these characters to rack up combos, i also particularly like morrigan, because of the way she moves and also the animations for each attack, her changing wings look really cool.

however recently i’ve started to feel that my team is slightly lacking and that something is aright, i think its probably c. viper as her assists don’t really seem to contribute much and her hyper combos are very narrow hitting or aren’t even effective in a team hyper combo, which is a big shame as yeah i really like the c. viper, she looks cool, she plays cool and would be fantastic on her own, she doesn’t really seem to work in a team.

basically i want to continue to run morrigan on point and just wanted advice on whats wrong with three of em together and if you have any suggestions, thanks in advance


As above, I’m fairly new to SRK as well, but not so new to fighters. I played MvC2 a lot, so I’m not what I’d call a complete noob.

As it stands, I’m running my main team as Morrigan/X-23/Iron Man but my team is feeling a bit weak now that I’ve ranked up to be fighting people that aren’t Fighter rank. I’ve hit a losing stream, and I’m feeling that X-23 is no longer holding her own as much.

I guess the question I’m asking would be who would be a recommended choice to replace her? I keep seeing people talking about team synergy, and thinking that my team doesn’t really have a whole lot of it. People I’ve looked at as potential replacements are Trish, Tron, Hsien-Ko, Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath & Wolverine.

Any advice/tips/suggestions would be appreciated


I need an answer.

Does Morrigan-Dark Harmonizer
Tron-Gunstaff Fire
worn well?


Just going to mention that Morrigan has great DHC synergy with Thor. From a simple backthrow you can net nearly 500K if you do back throw > OTG Shadow Servant DHC Mighty Thunder. Yeah its not exactly GREAT damage for using 2 bars, but it IS pretty good damage for landing a simple back throw. Another few nice things to note are:

  1. when finishing an aerial combo with Finishing Shower, you can easily DHC into Mighty Thunder( depending on when you do it, it tacks on roughly 150/175K at max. Its practically useless for a DHC in the corner though because you only get 1 hit of mighty thunder.)

  2. When Mighty Thunder connects, it leaves the opponent in an unrecoverable state (they fall all the way to the ground ) allowing for a lot of possibilites to continue the DHC with projectile hypers / long ranged hypers.

Ive been doing a lot of soul seaching for my team (which is par for the course for me ). Im absolutely positive that I want Morrigan to be the focus of my team (Ive wanted this since the beginning. Ive used Morrigan RELIGIOUSLY in every game shes been in since I first used her in DS3). Most recently, Ive been using:

Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer), Thor (Mighty Spark), Dormammu (Dark Hole)

Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer), Captain America (Shield Slash), Dormammu (Dark Hole)

Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer), Thor / Captain America, Iron Man (Unibeam)

^^ Just me. Theyve been working really well.

  • K1


I’ve been trying out Trish (voltage)/Dormammu (tower)/Morrigan(meter boost) and I think once I get Trish and Dorm down, this team can be lethal. They have pretty good DHC ability, and each character can be super annoying to deal with individually. Just need to work on my play style with them to really shine.

K1, I’ve been thinking of switching Purification for Dark Hole, how do you deal with jumpins with the teams you listed? Just curious.