MVC3- A new hope for the players who were disappointed of SF4?


(Mods, plz don’t go auto-pilot and move this thread to the MVC3 forum. I’m opening this thread here in FGD for a reason)

It’s not a secret that while almost all of us were excited about SF4 when it was announced, and we are happy that a fighting game is breaking the niche walls after so many years, the game itself really disappointed us.
Some players decided to bite the bullet and play anyway, but many just couldn’t.

I’m sure the people in this specific forum know the feeling of being left out when you don’t really like the current popular game. The feeling that if all the people around you would be playing a different game instead, you could be enjoying yourself while kicking their asses.

Now with MVC3 on the horizon, it’s the big moment for all the players whose skill is extremely solid but were hidden from the public in their niche games of choice. All these veteran players now have a chance to show what they got at another mainsteam game.

If MVC3 won’t suck for whatever wacky reason, do you think we’ll get to see all the big local names from the niche communities rip through the competition in this game?

Are you expecting it yourself for the reason I just mentioned?


yes, random anime players from parts unknown will come and beast this game


Cycle begins. Players disappointed in this will possibly set their hopes on Street Fighter x Tekken on being their game.


2 choices.

  1. Wait for a new version of VF to come out to consoles (if ever)
  2. Play AH3. It seriously is a great 2d fighting game.



i have to admit that im hyped for mvc3, and i will give it a chance but having a lot of other games that i play semi seriously and having so little time to expend on them, im not sure if i will devote myself to play it beyond a casual way
with GGAC, Tekken 6, HNK and BBCS (coming soon BBCSII), games like MVC3, AH3, MK9, SSF4, MBAA, etc… have little chances unleast the competition its enough to warrant me investing my time on them and of course if i enjoy the game enough to expend my time on in

there was a strong scene here for mvc2 from 2003 to 2008 but it declined when all the players went to the university or got jobs :confused:
im assuming that most of them would get the game, so the possibility for tournaments is strong, now how competent would be the competition, that is another story


Since it’s a completely different game and a different team, I would hope those not happy with SF4 would give it an honest shot.



That’s not fair to everyone else that I don’t let do this. shrug