MvC3 Akuma / Gouki General Discussion Thread

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 - Akuma Introduction Trailer Video - Xbox 360 - IGN

Akuma Move List

[details=Spoiler]:l: light
:m: medium
:h: heavy
:s: exchange
:atk: any attack
:atk::atk: any two attacks
:a1: assist 1
:a2: assist 2

Special Moves

Gou Hadouken / Fireball– :qcf: + :atk:
**Gou Zankuu / Air Fireball-- **(in air) :qcf: + :atk:
Gou Shoryuken / Uppercut– :dp: + :atk:
Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku / Hurricane Kick– :qcb: + :atk:
Hyakkishu / Demon Flip– :rdp: + :atk:
[list][]**Gesho / Palm Strike **(during Hyakkushu) :l:
]**Gejin / Dive Kick **(during Hyakkishu) :m:
[*]Geho / Fireball (during Hyakkishu) :h:[/list]
**Ashura Senkuu / Teleport-- **:rdp: + :s: or :dp: + :s: (Can cancel into Shun Goku Satsu)

Hyper Combos:

Messatsu-Gohado Agyo (fireball barrage)-- :qcf: + :atk::atk:
Messatsu-Gohado Ungyo (fire beam)-- :qcf: + :atk::atk::h: (hold)
Tenma-Gozanku Agyo (fireball barrage)-- (in air) :qcf: +:atk::atk:
Tenma-Gozanku Ungyo (fire beam)-- (in air) :qcf: + :atk::atk::h: (hold)
**Messatsu-Shoryuken / Uppercut-- **:dp: + :atk::atk:
**Shun Goku Satsu / Raging Demon-- **:l:,:l:, :f:, :m:, :h:
[list][]Can cancel off :f:+:m: (chop)
]Can cancel off teleport

Akuma Assists


**Alpha **= Gohadouken / Projectile
**Beta **= Tatsumaki Zankukyaku / Hurricane Kick
**Gamma **= Hyakki Gojin / Demon Flip

Akuma Combos


From Brady Guide
I. cr.:l:, s.:h:, :f:+:h:, dash, cr.:m:, s.:h:, :s: xx SJC, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, land, :rdp:+:atk: xx :m: OTG, dash, cr.:h:, :s: xx SJC, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h: xx :qcb: + :l:, :qcf:+:atk::atk:(hold :h:) You may not be able to connect the :f:+:h: portion all the time but still 640k+ combo with 1 HC
II. (Corner only) cr.:l:, s.:h:, :f:+:h:, cr.:m:, s.:h:, :f:+:h: xx :qcb:+:l: xx cr.:m:, cr.:h:, :s: xx SJC, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, land, :rdp:+:h: (4 hits) cancel into :qcf:+:atk::atk: (hold :h:) 700k+ combo with one meter.

From Lovedrive
(Starter):f::h: xx :rdp::l:,j.:l:,Land,:uf:,j.:m:,j.:h:,j.:s: xx j.:qcf::l:,Land,:uf:,j.:m:,j.:h:,j.:s: xx j.:qcf::l:,Land,:uf:,j.:m:,j.:h:,j.:s: xx j.:qcb::l:,Land,:h:,:s:,SJC,j.:m::m:,j.:h: xx j.:qcb::l: xx j.:qcf::atk::atk:

From Kich
j.:s: xx :qcb::l: > :h: > :f:+:h: > :rdp::l: - :l: > :h: > :f: + :h: > :s: > :m::h::s: > TK :qcf::atk::atk: (hold)

From Torn Apart
Demon Flip -> kick + Wesker low assist = Unblockable, but i’m pretty sure we all knew that. For Phoenix I was use TK Overdive for an assist in conjunction with Akuma’s teleport for some cross-up shennanigans.
For a bnb i used this:
:d::l: :d::m: :d::h:, :s:, (launch) :m: :m:, :h:, :s: (land), Demon Flip -> Dive Kick OTG xx :s: (launch), :m: :m:, :h:, :s:, (air) :qcf::atk::atk: hold :h: for the combo off the unblockable just remove the 2A

From Sycho,

:d::l:, :m: :m: (Hit confirm…)
:f::h:, XFC, :rdp::l: -> :l:, :uf::m::h::l:, :qcb::l:, (land) :h:, :s: (launch), :uf::qcb::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: (hold :h: if you see they have fallen too low)

Akuma Character Specific Setups



He has demon flip, yes!

Holy fucking shit look at dat Raging Demon. Not too impressive visually but it looks very very fast and very very invincible.

Akuma…we meet again.

Holy crap, he looks frightning. Thanks for finally revealing him, Capcom!

No Misogi or Kongo-Kokuretsuzan, eh? That’s too bad. Oh well, still looks damn awesome.

Ib4 “Ryu with a diagonal fireball”.

did you clear this with preppy? i hope you are going to be committed to updating this thread

on topc: oh look, its ryu with a diagonal fireball

Forget all the positive things I said about Ryu, Akuma looks like he’s gonna make him pretty obsolete. He might have Phoenix tier health though.

And he has FOUR attacking hypers. Yeah, looks fun but damn, that SRK hyper should belong to Sakura. THIEF!

He’s always had four attacking Hypers though. And that SRK Hyper has always been his.

Yeah, but a lot of people said everybody would have only three attacking hypers and still, that is Sakura’s SRK. Sorry, one of my favs to use.

Lol at how fast that SGS is. Disappointed he doesn’t seem to have anything new from MvC2 though other than the flip.

Of course he didn’t. I did like, a week ago. >_>

Hey don’t get me wrong I like Saks too. But here we are with Akuma. Looking pretty fucking boss.

Like I said though, I bet he’ll have the health of an emaciated Ethopian child.

damm the childs laugh are also in hes super like in sf4 , you can heard then even before the ko screen lol

Sorry Ryu looks like you just got replaced

Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the English VA for Akuma but I don’t think they’ll have toggle-able voices here. Will have to make due.

^ All the Capcom characters have Japanese voice toggles.

I like how his ground fireball is a bunch of fireballs instead of a laser beam. Makes him seem more ferocious.

Also OTGing Air Hyper Hadokens.

That’s the only bad thing; Akuma makes it look like he does everything Ryu does, but better. I’m routing for you, Ryu.

Rofl, I feel terrible for laughing at this. Anyways, holy shit Akuma looks soooooo fucking awesome. I still have one spot left on my roster and it will all boil down to his assists. Any guesses as to what they will be? Btw, Raging fucking demon ftw.

I was just riding the whole Ryu hype train earlier today too. Seriously, what is Ryu offering at this point that Akuma doesn’t have? The wallbounce kick? Akuma has an OTGing divekick and hyper, which’ll be just about as good.