MvC3 - All Character Hyper Combos[Read]


Hey guys, I was just thinking of a little mini project once the game gets released. Seeing as there isn’t a full, clear video all of the characters hyper combos out yet, I was thinking of making a video which showcases all of the hyper combos, similar to what I did for [media=youtube]8vfVeFyZKfg[/media].

Any thoughts? Requests? Please post here.:wgrin:


whats the point


It’s for quick reference and for people who don’t have the game, regardless of how seemingly pointless it is. People will do it anyway, like they have been doing for everyone before Storm and Viper. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just compile them all and post the vid.



My thoughts exactly. I was contemplating whether to do two videos, one in English, the other in Japanese, seeing how the Eng dub seems quite adequate for MvC3, unlike others…


again whats the point

for all the effort you put into that someone will just videocap it themselves in HD as soon as the game hits consoles.