MVC3 as a Spectators's Game


Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere or whatever.

So we know that fighting games are great for spectating and Watching streams and tournaments has become a past time for me at least. Some games are more fun to watch than others and I think the success of a fighting game is if it has a good spectator factor.

Hot off the re-launch of Wednesday Night Fights, is the first live streamed and live commentated Mvc3 tournament. I think the game is extremely fun to watch. Even if some of the top players admit to not liking the game all that much in this moment, they sure put on a really good show! I think the most interesting element for me as a spectator is X-Factor. When to expect an x-factor and seeing anti-xfactor play gives me a rush like seeing the best comebacks. Except it happens more often!

So that’s just my take on it. What do you guys think? Do you think that even if people don’t like this game all that much, its watchability will carry it for 10 more years? Do you enjoy watching commentated marvel 3 as much as I do?


I’m the same way, I have been doing a lot more research/watching good people than actual playing. And last weeks wednesday night fight was exciting.


I found watching SF4 was boring most of the time because it was slow. But MvC3 is a lot of fun to watch!


I do enjoy watching the matches from tournaments. I do side with the ones that dont like it that much considering how many hours are put into muscle memory and combo practice and then get thrown into something thats completely different and have to start all over again. I dont think though that this game will last like 2 did since the online play is horribly laggy. I hope they fix it that way this game will continue on like 2 did.


I had trouble keeping up at first. In the more frantic moments I still get lost, but it’s growing on me. After playing the game, I found it easier to follow. Wednesday Night Fight was phenomenal.


Online was never what kept MvC2 alive, silly.

As a spectator’s game, it’s really fun to watch. Despite how easy comebacks are in this game compared to MvC2, it’s still fun watching a comeback in this game.


o.0? What kept it alive? The only reason why my friends kept it was because of online play…


o.0? What kept it alive? The only reason why my friends kept it was because of online play…


The in depth game play and ridiculous things one could pull off. That game was one hell of an accident…


Keeping a game “alive” is a very relative comment. If you’re just talking within a tourney scene then yeah all u need is a real offline scene from a game that has enough general fans of its competitiveness.

MVC3 will pretty much able to stay alive just on the fact that its a new version of a game that casuals used to spend 100 dollars or more to buy due to the rarity and how badly people liked the game and generally wanted another. The competitive play IMO is definitely a leap above SFIV and can easily stand time compared to that game. Not that SFIV doesn’t have depth but compared to other fighting games there’s just so much more to do and create in this game. SFIV still has more depth and a casual fanbase than the majority of competitive games out there and so that alone will keep people playing it but generally i see the overall depth of MVC3 much closer to the fighting games of old.


You know it’s hard to determine since the game is still relatively new to us but I’d say it’s much more interesting to watch than any other fighter. I’m sure it’s party due to it being gorgeous but it’s also just more interesting to watch because things are more wild.

Also the way the people act in MvC3 is more interesting. They just seem to be more energetic while playing it. I thought that was hilarious to see that one guy rage quite during the first tournament.


This game is fun to watch but I have to turn off the stream chats when I do. People in the streams are so annoying to listen to. “X is so cheap… I don’t want to see character Y anymore have seen him/her enough… why isn’t anyone using Z… is DSP playing??? That guy playing keep away is a bitch… all that guy uses is that 1 combo”

I seriously want to reach through my computer and slap 80% of the people in the chat.


I love watching matches a lot, and I couldn’t believe that Capcom had gone so backwards in their multiplayer options on MVC3 compared to SSFIV. I am hoping it will be added in at a later date since they did add replays to SFIV about 2 months after the game came out.


i think at the end, more people will keep playing SSFIV will. mvc3 maybe will be still popular in US only. EU and Asia probably don’t care. I don’t think alot of jp players will want to play a game like mvc3 unless they want to enter American tournaments.

i think mvc3 can be a very good spectator game. we know tekken is not a good spectator game based on stream viewers count. i think tekken is more popular in japan and korean, but SSF4(console or AE) stream are much higher than tekken over there. godsgraden 3 was a Tekken 6 tournament, but the viewer count is much lower than godsgraden 1,2, and online. fast pace game will do good than slow place game like tekken.


I agree that tekken is not a great spectator game. I like the game a lot and I think that tekken is a lot of fun. I do not think that its the speed that makes tekken rather boring to watch. The footsies game in street fighter is way more interesting to watch than the footsies game in tekken, even though actually playing tekken footsies is probably a lot more complicated. Commentary does a lot to help watching tekken.

I guess in the end, Tekken makes incredible combos look like everyday things. Comebacks in tekken are common though, and that helps with the watching.


Not sure what you mean, to me MVC 3 seems extremely shallow. In terms of execution even a toddler could pull loops and infinites. The game is way too newbie friendly, even already most players are pulling one combo after another. What makes a game stand the test of time in the competition scene its how fun it is to watch yes but also what new difficult stuff the people at the competitions are pulling. Also xfactor is adding a very random feel to the game… I wouldn t be putting money on the line like in street fighter! Other than its great match up roaster I feel MVC 3 will get old very quickly.

Myself I already returned to ssf4… just don’t want to bother with this game, really it makes me think of smash brothers and other party fighting games. I’ll pass on this just like TVC…


Is this some sort of fetish or something? I can understand watching a live match of the real thing in some fancy place but if you would rather watch more replays on video games than play matches on your own time alone by yourself then that is just plain weird. Though I guess it’s more than possible, if your willing to pay I bet a lot of people would be willing to let you watch them play vidya games.

As for that 10 year, MvC2 didn’t not last 10 years, it just took 10 years for a remake. I would be surprised if there are stilll 50% of the current population by this summer.


you could be right. i like Tekken too, but i can watch tekken on stream for some reason.


My thoughts exactly. I would love for these people to just disappear…

Your friends weren’t playing from 2000 to 2009 before we got online? Cause everyone else did.


the problem with this statement is that many people dont like to watch some games because they dont understand what its happening on the screen, for your average joe a match of sf4 can be truly boring to watch becuase he doesnt understand the spacing game, the ground work and all the other stuff that its happening on the screen

the bolded part is just plain wrong, the rest its fine