MvC3 Av request


So, to get even more hype for Marvel 3, I wanted to get an av with the team I’m currently thinking about using:

In that order from left to right (aka Skrull on point, Storm, then Doom). What I was thinking was having them scroll in one at a time, then stay as the others showed up. Once all three were in, having it say either “Fantastic Storm” (yes, already trying to think of team names) or just my tag “B-Rad”. I’m not sure if it’ll work like that, or if the pictures will work in their current size.

If you’re willing to tackle this and have questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Also, time is not of the essence, so I’m willing to wait a bit.

Much appreciated!


Like :

  • LBC


Basically. Only things I might change are that (if possible) the text goes over the characters (if that even looks right, since it kinda does in my head), and since team names probably shouldn’t be left up to scrubs like me, tag that out and put my name on there. Other than that, it looks dope! Simple, yet effective, which is all I ask for. :tup: