MvC3 AV Request!


Hello all, I’m trying to see if I can get an easily made (I think anyways?) MvC3 avatar of Chris, Sentinel, and C.Viper.

I’m looking for their official art to be placed where you are able to see all three characters, and they are all greyed out but animated to where they show up colored (in the original color from the links below) for a moment or two in a quick loop. I’m also hoping to get Chris in the front middle, Sentinel on the left, and then Viper on the right. (With both Sentinel and Viper behind Chris’s art) And the colored animation to appear in the order of Chris, then Sentinel, and then Viper (then repeat)

Background, I don’t have any particular idea’s or requests, other than hopefully being a dark one that blends in well with each character is greyed out.

I can also imagine the sizing of the art for each character to not fit too well for all three but if you can manage to focus from the shoulders to just above the head that would be awesome!

I have linked the official art for each character.




For whoever decides to take this up, (if anyone, lol) very much thanks in advance! =D

EDIT: Sorry, the size would have to be non-premium. Sorry that I didn’t mention this sooner. I’m also open to ideas to help make the avatar much easier to make it this is difficult.