MvC3 Balance Tweaks Take 2: X Factor Harder

NOTE: This thread is not for the discussion of tier lists. If you wish to do that, post in this thread:

Post whatever changes you think would make MvC3 a more fun/competitively balanced fighter here. Feel free to discuss other’s changes as well, but try not to be too big of a smartass about it either. Anyway, plug away fellas, I’m sure you’re familiar with how this thing works.

Good thing I refreshed the main page when I did as I was just about to bring this thread back as well, it had a lot of good conversation happening.
I’ll kick this off with a couple things I feel Iron Man desperately needs that I mentioned in the original thread.

One, his launcher needs to not suck. It needs a re-worked hitbox or something. Anything. It’s just not very good in most situations that I’ve found.
His Proton Cannon needs to lose some start up frames. It’s just way too slow and easy to block outside of a combo.

I would say his launcher would be so much better if you could cancel it on wiff with flight

proton cannon is fine , the random factor isn’t there but you shouldn’t be getting random with iron man odly aswell it starts up fast at close range

c.h should be a command normal but isn’t really an issue , why are people still getting it by accident? I’d love if it hit otg though

if he could cancel his dash with a move it would be a huge buff

Hulk - durability/armor on his G-charges. L Gamma Charge = most durability, least distance traveled. Adjust accordingly for M and H Gamma Charges. At least one speed increase to a jab. If everybody else can spam for confirm, or break through his armor, he should have something, too.

Hsien-Ko - general buffs in all areas. Give her dash invulnerability during non-corporeality.

Tone down XF3 so Dark Phoenix will be less face roll. Tone down Wolverine’s damage output. Give Wesker less health. Give Hsien Ko a few more tools on offense. That’s about it.

I think my suggestions for Iron Man got lost in shuffle.

-cr.H gets the fuck out of the game to be replaced by something that doesn’t suck
-Launcher gets better horizontal range
-Proton Cannon gets similar properties to Unibeam so that it doesn’t push people away allowing for possibility of XFC into itself due to fast startup of the gun raising portion of the move.

Arthur needs some help. Some better mobility would be a good place to start.

arthur really needs the ability to hit right above his head. give him makoto’s fukiage.

You mean so he can trade half the time?

yeah. and give him a dickpunch too. haha.

why should iron man’s c.h be removed from the game?

People feel the move by itself has no legitimate use and it always comes out when they do their hit confirm wrong or whatever.

from my other post - my belief is that about 25 of the game’s characters are well balanced. The top characters are insanely strong, and the bottom characters need some stuff. Trying to buff everyone to hang with Dante and Magneto would be an exercise in frustraiton, so I’d nerf the top guys and then give some stuff to Cap (invincible cartwheel) and Hsien-Ko (actually I’d replace her with a character that is not lame as hell, like Talbain)

  • DHC glitch removed
  • Mags disrupter startup doubled. His rushdown is way, way, way too good for him to have ANY ability to control the screen like that. Hitstun scaling on H and Hypergrav re-evaluated, to shorten his combos somewhat.
  • Dark Phoenix does not get a damage boost and loses the dumbass feather projectiles. If you want to win with DP, you need use her incredible mixups to start real combos - she will still be very strong. Life regen on regular Phoenix healing field reduced by 50%.
  • Wesker health reduction from 1.1 mil to 950k or 1 mil even. No other changes.
  • Amaterasu hurtbox scaled up significantly OR health reduced to 600k. Something needs to be done about fire air H… I would swap air H and air M so that you can’t autopilot OS between her gdlk air throw and a 1-2-3 overhead mixup. But that doesn’t really fit with how Capcom has designed her moveset, so the other option would be to nerf the air throw. If I nerf her health to 600k there would be no other changes.
  • Dante gets the special treatment
    – Missiles track only for 10 frames after startup, but durability is buffed
    – Devil Trigger beam does not combo into itself
    – Devil Trigger psycho crusher does not allow for combo followups
    – Devil Trigger does not regenerate life
    – Sword hitboxes nerfed so that his standing normals do not hit so far behind him
    – f+H no longer bold cancelable, or startup on the actual move is doubled
    – The Hammer goes from 5 recovery frames to 10
    – Acid Rain does not combo into itself - increased recovery time
    – Teleport effect made louder and flashier ie. easier to see
  • Tron assist hurtbox enlarged so that it can be hit by crouching punch-type attacks like Wesker c.M
  • Dormammu flame carpet no longer hits low, duration reduced. Can only have one Stalking Flare on screen at a time.
  • Dorm flight startup made faster.
  • Akuma normal hitboxes buffed
  • Zero hurtboxes on normals extended slightly. Air to ground teleport made somewhat slower.
  • Wolverine invincibility on Berserker Slash changed to be projectile invincible only. Dive kick no longer floor bounces vs airborne opponents - causes hard knockdown instead.
  • Taskmaster damage reduction on all arrow attacks and supers. Shield smash startup increased.
  • Doom assist missiles do not hit on the way up and tracking is reduced
  • Doom gets a dash cancelable c.H
  • Haggar Lariat does not cause hard knockdown
  • Iron Man launcher buffed to something that looks less stupid and reaches further
  • Arthur gets a ground dash and a less floaty jump
  • Shuma Gorath gets a damage boost all around

You’d get rid of Hsien Ko but keep the lamest ass character (Felicia) in all of DS in the cast?

Felicia is good for fan service, I guess? personally I don’t like either one but Felicia seems to fit in MvC3 quite well

Hsien Ko would be a monster in MvC3 if they’d made her anything like her VS incarnation. Rush that shit down all day erry day.

it may not be usefull but the other reason shouldnt exist if your execution is up to par

lol. This sounds more like a wishlist than a well thought out nerf list. Sounds like “oh, I have trouble dealing with this, nerf it plzzzz”.

trust me. it is well thought out.

I don’t think ppl even think about basic shit like what a character’s air H can do, or the difference between front throw and back throw. ie. X-23’s air H is slow and doesn’t hit crouching opponents. that sucks because she can’t jump in OS throw/attack like Amaterasu can. she can combo from her air front throw, but not her back throw. That one is pretty easy now…

and of course its a wishlist. Capcom is not going to pay any attention to what we want. The next round of buffs/nerfs/new characters is going to be some retarded surprise that they have developed in a vacuum with no apparent target audience.

Pretty much. Other than the laughable attempt to take Dante down to whatever tier exists below Hsien-Ko I find the most telling “suggestions” to be the changes to Hidden Missiles and Double Lariat.