MVC3, barriers to entry, spending a decade playing fighting games


So I read the JWong thing. Since threads seem to get closed left and right I’m not to dwell on his comments specifically but I am betting the frustration comes from having invested a decade worth into practicing execution in fighting games only to find out that decade doesn’t mean much when the barrier to execution is a lot lower.

So are there other people who think the barrier to execution being lower is bad? I was actually planning to troll out on “Easy Mode” for a while once I got the game, to be frank but…=)

[edit: sorry all - like I said below, if this is too much of a dupe of other thread talk feel free to close or delete.]


Yet you continued to make this thread? Dude seriously can’t you take a hint?


Relax there cupcake, no need for armchair modding. Actually none of the closed threads stated a reason why the thread was closed, so I couldn’t tell whether it was because:
a) it turned into ranting about Justin Wong
b) people on this forum don’t like negativity

or what. I thought originally posting just a discussion on the mentality of spending 10 years on execution and stuff would be interesting (without the JWong stuff), but from looking at other threads maybe this discussion is taking place elsewhere, so if this thread needs to be closed or moved that’s all good.


I would recommend reading the MvC3 forum rules.

Ono and Justin Wong are excellent people and I would buy them a sandwich, but they’re not characters in the game and we don’t need topics for them.

A meta discussion on “accessibility in fighting games” belongs in FGD if anywhere. It’s not unique to MvC3 and doesn’t add anything here.