MvC3: Becoming a Hellcat: The Felicia Combo Thread



Got a lot of work to do soonish, but I’ll add what’s been posted so far and update whenever possible. I’ll try to list the combos by damage dealt, going from most damaging to least. Note that I assume Cat Run and Cat Charge will not be involved in combos, so I left them out of the special move list.

-Added Sprint’s “build your own combo” into the second post for people who prefer that style.
-Added theDUKE’s meterless combos.

:atk: = any attack button
:atk::atk: = two attack buttons
:l: = light attack
:m: = medium attack
:h: = heavy attack
:s: = Special/Launcher
XFC/KFC = X-factor

Special Moves
Rolling Buckler: :qcf:+:atk:
Cat Spike: :dp:+:atk:
Sand Splash: :b::f:+:atk:
Delta Kick: :bdp:+:atk:
Hellcat (command throw) :hcb:+:atk:

Hyper Combos
Dancing Flash: :qcf:+:atk::atk:
Kitty Helper: :dp:+:atk::atk:
Please Help me! (level 3) :hcb:+:atk::atk:

BnB combos
:m:,:b::h:(2hit),:dp::m:,:m:,:)d::m:),:b::h:(2hit),:qcf::h:,:m:,:l:,:m:,:df::m:,:uf: :m::m::h::s:(land),:m:,:b::h (1hit),:s:,:uf: :m::m::h::s:(land),:d::df::m::f::uf::h:,:h: 560k damage, no bars. Can drop the end of the combo to replace with PHM for 1.1m damage.

  1. :m:,:d::m:,:h:(3 hits) xx :dp::m:,:m:,:b::h:(2 hits) xx :qcf::h:~:m:,:l:,:m:,:h:(3 hits),:s::uf::m::m::h::s:(land),:d::df::m::f::uf::h:~:h: ** 440k damage no bars (start with :l: for better hitconfirm) **

3.:m:,:d::m:,:h:, xx :qcf::h:~:m:,:l:,:m:,:h:(3hits),:s:,:uf::m:,:m:,:h:,:s:,(land):d::df::m::f::uf::h:~:h: **374k damage, no bars, basically the “newbie friendly” version of the above combos. **

Combos involving X-Factor

  1. :l:,:m:,:h:, XFC level 2-3, :dp::l: x N Damage depends on how many :dp::l:s you do. With level 2 X-factor it takes 21 :dp::l:s to kill sent from full health, with level 3 it takes 18.

Combos involving Please Help Me!

  1. :dp::m:, :m: :b::h:(2 hits) xx :dp::m:, :m: :)d::m:), :b::h:(2 hits), :qcf::h::m:, :l: :m: :d::m: :h:,:b::h:(first hit) :s:, :uf::l::m::m::h::s:(land)(dash),:d::df::m::f::uf::l:(whiff):m: :d::db::b::atk::atk :df::m::qcf::atk::atk: 4 bars, breaks 1m damage. May need modifications mid-screen for short/crouching characters

2.:dp::m:, :m: :b::h:(2 hits) xx :dp::m:, :m: :)d::m:), :b::h:(2 hits), :qcf::h::m:, :l: :m: :d::m: :h:,:b::h:(first hit) :s:, :uf::l::m::m::h::s:(land)(dash),:d::df::m::f::uf::l:(whiff):m: :d::db::b::atk::atk: 3 bars, damage is in the high 800,000s. May need modifications mid-screen for short/crouching characters

  1. :hcb::atk:(dash):df::m: :uf::m::m::h::s:(land) (delay):m: :d::m: :h:3(delay):b::h:1 :s: :uf::l::m::m::h::s:(land):d::df::m::f::uf::l:(whiff):m::qcb::atk::atk: Damage in the high 700,000s, 3 bars


[*]Deleting this due to smiley changes messing up the thread, will re-use in 5-12 days.
Special thanks to WindSaigo, Sprint and theDUKE for providing the current combos.


So youre canceling the Toy Hit into the light Buck into the Medium finish (which whiffs), then PHM?


You’re jump cancelling the toy hit into the light Buck yes. The light buck whiffs, but the medium catches, then PHM.


Ahh, that’s why the animation looks a little different and she Bucks from further out than if you were to cancel the Toy Hit. Right?


Rather than repeat myself a lot and miss random things out, I’ve formatted this post as kind of a “build your own combo” sorta thing. Start at the top and work your way down.

(Replace :h: with :b::h: in the corner or against taller characters for more damage.)
(You can generally replace :m: with :d::l: for a low hit)
(* indicates a point where you can skip the rest and go straight to the followup)*
[list]*:l:**,:m:,:h:(2hit),:dp::m: -> BnB

  • (can be preceded by any jump attack)
    [*]:dp::l:,:l:**,:b::h:(1hit),:dp::m: -> BnB
  • (can also start with far :rdp::l:)
    [*]:dp::m:**,:m:,:h:(2hit),:dp::m: -> BnB
  • (can also start with far :rdp::m:or:h:)
    []:hcb::atk: -> OTG
    ]Throw -> OTG
    []Air Throw -> OTG
    ]Anti Air/CH :dp::m:or:h:**,:uf: :m:,:m:,:h:,:s:(land) -> Juggle
    [*]Anti Air/CH :dp::m:or:h:, :d::db::b::atk::atk: -> OTG

[list][*]:m:,(:d::m:),:b::h:(2hit),:qcf::h::m:, :l: -> Juggle

  • (doesn’t work on amaterasu/modok)
    [*]:m:,:b::h:(1hit),:s:,:uf: :l:,:m:,:m:,:h:,:s:(land) -> OTG
  • (for amaterasu/modok)
    [*]:m:,(:d::m:),:b::h:,:qcf::h:,:m:, :qcb::atk::atk: -> OTG
  • (easiest way to Lv3, relaunch is possible after short hitconfirms)
  • (doesn’t work on modok)

(if you land in the corner, you have time to :dp::atk::atk: before the OTG)
[list][*]:m:,:df::m:,:uf: :m:,:m:,:h:,:s:(land)

  • (follow up with the next line, but don’t use M->H after anything other than a short hitconfirm)
    [*]:m:,(:d::m:),:h:(3hit),:b::h:(1hit),:s:,:uf: (:l:),:m:,:m:,:h:,:s:(land) -> OTG

(You may need to dash to get in range first, but it’s always possible to do so)
[list][*]:df::m:,:uf: :m:,:m:,:h:,:s:(land) -> Juggle

  • (relaunch, does not work after a long combo)
    []:d::df::m::f::uf::l:(whiff),:m:, :qcf::a1:/:a2:
    ]:d::df::m::f::uf::l:(whiff),:m:,:qcb::atk::atk:, :d::df::m::f::uf::h:,:h:
    [*]:d::df::m::f::uf::l:(whiff),:m:,:qcb::atk::atk:, :d::df::m::f::uf::atk::atk:


Awesome work, Sprint. I wanna test this out.


Btw the most damaging combo I’ve figured out so far (aside from 1.3m double Lv3 shenanigans) does about 560k damage without meter:

:l:,:m:,:df::m:,:uf: :m::m::h::s:(land),
:m:,:b::h:(1hit),:s:,:uf: :m::m::h::s:(land),

Swapping in the 4 bar OTG on the last line puts it up to 1.1m damage, and throwing in a couple of assists in the middle could add another 50-100k


Cool stuff Sprint! Nice she can do that much with out meter.


So basically for jump canceling her Toy Touch into Rolling Buckler, you gotta buffer input for rolling buckler AND Toy Touch and :uf: right?


No Meter, No Assist, No XFC.

427k Damage.
:m:,:h:(3 hits) xx :dp::m:,:m:,:b::h:(2 hits) xx :qcf::h:~:m:,:l:,:m:,:h:(3 hits),:s::uf::m::m::h::s:(land),:d::df::m::f::uf::h:~:h:

440k Damage.
:m:,:d::m:,:h:(3 hits) xx :dp::m:,:m:,:b::h:(2 hits) xx :qcf::h:~:m:,:l:,:m:,:h:(3 hits),:s::uf::m::m::h::s:(land),:d::df::m::f::uf::h:~:h:

Start combos with :l: for further hit confirm.

These combos seems more practical than the other ones that start off with Cat Spikes…IMO of course. Simply because you can hit confirm into the C.Spike.


Heh, nice compilation. Most of the stuff I found are already posted here and are better versions of it. Pretty good, but Felicia’s combos are tighter on timing and it could be more beneficial to just go for easier combos. Like not hitting them so many times before going into the next combo.

I also find it pretty annoying how characters like Viper and X-23 fall differently.


@MagMan, yo do you mind if I add you on AIM? Just to collab whenever about Felicia tactics n whatnot…


I just edited my earlier post a bit.

Nothing works after Roll M followup against MODOK. He hits the ground too fast.
You can Hyper Cancel into Dancing Flash, but that’s about it.

There’s probably some assist specific stuff, but I haven’t figured anything out yet.


An OTG assist is your best bet.


OTG is nothing to do with it, since the combo is over as soon as he hits the floor. It needs to be something that can pop him up before he hits the ground.

Some OTG things will probably work, but I can think of a few others that might do the trick as well. I’ll experiment for a bit later.


Well it looks like pretty much any assist with range will work. You just throw it out before the roll and it pops him up enough to either :uf::m::m::h::s: or juggle from the ground.

Also I realised earlier that :df::m::uf::m::m::h::s:(land):uf::m::m::h::s:(land):m::b::h::s: works as an OTG against tall characters (Sentinel, Hulk, maybe others) near the beginning of a combo. Worth doing after throws, Lv3, or anything else that leads to a quick knockdown. (it also lets you do the [media=youtube]OXlTDt1JZh0[/media] against Sentinel without assists…)

You can also do it after connecting with a random roll, and maybe after a counterhit cat spike too.
:qcf::atk:,:m:, :l::m::df::m::uf::m::m::h::s:(land):uf::m:,etc.
This particular combo doesn’t work if you do anything before the roll, but you can hitconfirm it if you reduce the number of hits:
:qcf::l:(whiff):m:, :l::m::df::m::uf:
:qcf::atk:,:m:, :df::m::uf: (works on Sentinel)
:qcf::atk:,:m:, :d::l::df::m::uf: (works on Hulk and probably some others)
These all let you add a couple of moves at the beginning.

Next time I load the game up I’ll see if I can find some high damage anti-air X-Factor combos. There’s no point in looking for any more ground ones now since :dp::l: has that completely covered :smiley:


Edit 3: I’ve figured it out. I was hitting the launch after the jumping MMHS (land) S a little bit too early. The timing is so similar you could barely tell the difference. I’ve also converted to doing LMHS in the air instead of MMHS. There’s roughly a 2000 damage difference. I’d recommend doing this version for anyone else having trouble with the timing of this combo.

I’m getting kinda frustrated with this combo. It seems to work like 10% of time mid-screen, and roughly 50% in the corner. Sometimes it seems that Felicia’s standing S ends up launching them too high to continue the combo, and jumping just makes me wiff a M attack.

L, M, H (3hits), H Rolling Buckler, M (ground slide), L, M, toy touch (OTG), j.M j.M, j.H, j.S, (land) S, j.M j.M, j.H, j.S, (land) OTG -> super.

It seems like the problem is in the juggle after the down-forward M jump section. But I do it virtually the same every time and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Anyone have any ideas?

edit: just to clarify, the first down-forward M isn’t an OTG hit, I just have the terrible habit of calling it the “OTG move” haha.

edit2: I’m now having the same problem connecting it after a command throw =(. I’m really out of ideas here, the timing seems so strict that trying to do things as late as possible just makes me drop the combo.


Any tips on jump canceling into dancing flash from toy hit on p2 side? I can do it easy on p1, but on p2, I keep getting kitty helper instead. Sometimes the game gives me the dancing flash, even though the inputs are the same (I suppose the timing varies).


Kitty Helper is a SRK motion while Dancing Flash is QCF. The timing would be the same, but keep in mind inputs change direction depending on which side you’re facing.