MvC3 Bi-Weekly Tournament @ FFA Airdashers Sunday (4/3) - Granada Hills, CA


Time: Sunday, April 3
Sign-ups: 4:00pm
Starts: 5:00pm - 10:00pm(?)

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA

Created By
SoCal Marvel vs Capcom 3 ( MvC3 ), Rob Holzinger

More Info
Marvel vs. Capcom 3:
-Starts at 5PM.
-$7 to enter ($5 pot, $2 house)
-Double Elimination Bracket
-2/3 Matches
…-Pot Split will be 75%/25% for <10 players; 70%/20%/10% for more.
-All characters are tournament legal (even DLC ones*)
-Double Blind Character Selection available on request.
-Winner must keep the same character, losers may counterpick.
-Not 100% certain how character order can change, but winner may change order. If the game shows what order you pick, then the winner must pick order first.
-If a button or stick problem occurs on your pad, stop playing and notify me immediately, even before your round is over. We will restart the round with a new stick. Abuses of this system will cause a forfeit of the match.

*Because of the way the special edition is released, the DLC characters might not be available. They are tournament legal, though.

New Bi-weekly at FFA coming up this Sunday. Lots of games other than MvC3 there on the same day such as:
Guilty Gear XX ? Core:
Arcana Heart 3
Melty Blood: Actress Again
BlazBlue Continuum Shift
Vampire Savior

The Tournament start times for other games varies, so check out the FFA thread on SRK for more details on other games.

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