MVC3 Bingo!

I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere else oh well who cares.

you fucking suck josh

I really hope there are furry characters in the new MVC.

Oh look it’s the fucking pussy whose ass I kicked in real life and then bagged his girlfriend afterwards, I guess that’s why you were too much of a coward to face me in SF4 because you would fail at it just like in everything else. Still, no need to be a little bitch about it mate. It’s all good.

Nice edit.

I hope you have learned your lesson.

That’s our Josh!!!

This thread is bingo night at the seniors’ center.

i made that bingo. credit to me and dandy j and henaki helped come up w/ ideas

c001357 why did u delete ur post

Printing this on a large sheet of paper and using pringles to play

undeleted now

Just remember if we’re playing this tomorrow that it’s No Josh Wednesdays.

lol is this real

Cool shirt dave

are you fucking nuts

Of course but he’d deny everything like a true pansy bitch.

Im calling bingo two ways.


This could be the greatest fighting game ever made and people will still hate because its not Marvel vs Capcom 2.

This was stimulating.