MvC3 BioCombo's - Spencer Combo Thread



1st Post: Spencer’s single combo’s
2nd Post: Team combo’s and combo video’s

:l: = Light attack
:m: = Medium attack
:h: = Hard attack
:s: = Special/Exchange
:atk: = Any attack button except :s:
:atk::atk: = Any two attack buttons except :s:
SJ = Super Jump
C. = Crouching
J. = Aerial/jumping
, = link
otg = off the ground
[] = optional ender

Midscreen BnB’s: No Meter
Combo 01: Midscreen Relaunch
C.:m::h::s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, :qcf::m: (otg), :df:J.:atk:+:s:, J.:s:, :s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, [:qcf::uf::m: or :h: (otg)]
Notes: after the first SJ.:s:, DON’T land, do the :qcf::m: before landing.

Combo 02: (close to corner)
C.:m::h::f::h:, :qcf::s:, :l::m::h::s:, SJ.:m::m::h::s:, [:qcf::m: or :h: (otg)]

Corner BnB’s: No Meter
Combo 01: Corner Relaunch
C.:m::h::s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, J.:qcf::h: (otg), J.:s:, :s:, SJ.:m::m::h::s:, :qcf::uf::m:/:h:

Midscreen BnB’s: 1 Meter
Combo 01 (far from the corner):
C.:m::h::s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, :qcf::uf::m: (otg), :qcb::atk::atk:, [:qcf::uf::m: (otg)]
[COLOR=#339966]Notes:[/COLOR] Zipline right after the OTG to get close to your opponent again. Last OTG doesn’t always hit depending on your spacing.

Combo 02 (close to the corner):
C.:m::h::s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, J :qcf::h: (otg), j.:s:, :qcf::s::qcf::atk::atk:, :qcf::uf::h:
Notes: Allows for DHC Trick.

Combo 03 (Zipline Loop):
C.:m::h::atk:+:s:, :l:C.:m:C.:h::atk:+:s:, :l:C.:m:C.:h::atk:+:s:, :l:C.:m::s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, J.:qcf::h:, j.:s:, :qcf::s::qcf::atk::atk:, [:qcf::uf::h:]
[media=youtube]gqI8KABXNr4"[/media]Notes: Combo does less damage but takes the opponent to the corner. Allows for DHC Trick.

Corner BnB’s: 1 Meter
Combo 01:
C.:m::h::s:, SJ, :m::m::h::s:, J. :qcf::h: (otg), J.:s:, :qcf::s::qcf::atk::atk:, [:qcf::uf::h: (otg)]
[media=youtube]Xx1jQq-7YDU"[/media]Notes: Allows for DHC Trick.

Bionic Arm Combo’s
Combo 01: (Requires XFC, 2 Meters) (Midscreen)
:qcb::atk::atk:, X-Factor, C.:m::h::s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, :qcf::uf::m: (otg), :qcb::atk::atk:, [J.:qcf::m: (otg)]

Combo 02: (Requires XFC, 2 Meters) (Corner)
:qcb::atk::atk:, X-Factor, C.:m::h::s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, J.:qcf::h: (otg), J.:s:, :qcf::s::qcf::atk::atk:, [:qcf::uf::h: (otg)]
Notes: Allows for DHC Trick.

Combo 03: (Requires XFC, 1 Meter) (Corner)
:qcb::atk::atk:, X-Factor, C.:m::h::s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, J.:qcf::h: (otg), J.:s:, :s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, J.:qcf::h: (otg)

Combo 04: (2 Meters) (Midscreen)
:qcb::atk::atk:, J.:qcf::m:, :qcb::atk::atk:, J.:qcf::m:

Combo 05: (1 Meter) (Corner)
:qcb::atk::atk:, J.:qcf::h:, J.:s:, :s:, SJ.:m::m::h::s:, J.:qcf::h: (otg)
Notes: If you have extra meter to spend, rather than relaunching, go for wallbounce to qcf hyper.

Normal Throw Combo’s
Combo 01: (Airthrow) (Midscreen) (1 Meter)
Airthrow, J.:qcf::h:, :qcb::atk::atk:, :qcf::uf::m:

Combo 02: (Airthrow) (Midscreen)
Airthrow, J. :qcf::h:, :df::atk:+:s:, J.:s:, :s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:

Combo 03: (Corner) (1 Meter)
Ground or airthrow into the corner, J. :qcf::h:, j.:s:, :qcf::s:, :qcf::atk::atk:
Notes: Allows for DHC Trick.

Combo 04: (Corner)
Ground or airthrow into the corner, J. :qcf::h:, j.:s:, :s:, SJ, :m::m::h::s:

Air Grapple Combo’s
Combo 01: (Midscreen)
Air Grapple, :df:J.:atk:+:s:, J.:s:, :s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, [:qcf::uf::m: or :h: (otg)]

Combo 02: (Corner)
Air Grapple, J.:s:, :qcf::s::qcf::atk::atk:, [:qcf::uf::h: (otg)]
Notes: Allows for DHC Trick.

Snapback Combo’s
Combo 01: (Corner)
C.:m::h::s:, SJ.:m::m::h::s:, J.:qcf::h: (otg), J.:s:, :qcf::a1:/:a2:

Combo 02: (Midscreen)
C.:m::h::s:, SJ.:m::m::h::s:, J. :qcf::m: (otg), :df:J.:atk:+:s:, J.:s:, :qcf::a1:/:a2:

Combo 03: (Overhead)
:f::h:, :qcf::a1:/:a2:

Combo 04: (Air Grapple) (Corner)
Air Grapple, J.:s:, :qcf::a1:/:a2:


DHC Trick (credits to Trag13 for the write-up)

How to Perform

[details=Spoiler]1) During the round, you must hit the opponent with any physical hit at least once before this trick can become active. This does NOT have to be a part of a combo. Also, this hit can be in the combo that utilizes the DHC trick as long as it comes BEFORE the “captured/grabbed” state (see Step 2).

  1. Activate a DHC while the opponent is in a “captured/grabbed” state. This includes most cinematic hyper-combos, Magneto’s Hyper Grav, and certain level 1 grab hyper-combos, and some throws/counters.

  2. The DHC (from Step 2) graphics/effects must finish without any attack hitting the opponent (there are some exceptions).[/details]

DHC to

[details=Spoiler]- Non-Hitting DHCs -

Amaterasu: Veil of Mist (QCB+PP)
Arthur: Golden Armor (QCB+PP)
Dante: Devil Trigger (QCB+PP)
Felicia: Kitty Helper (DP+PP)
Hsien-Ko: Rimoukon (DP+PP)
Morrigan: Astral Vision (dd+PP)
Phoenix: Healing Field (QCB+PP)
Taskmaster: Aegis Counter (QCB+PP) (depending on height of “spin”, can follow-up differently)
Thor: Mighty Punish (HCB+PP)
Trish: Round Harvest (QCB+PP)
V.Joe: Viewtiful God Hand (QCB+PP)
Wesker: Rhino Charge (QCB+PP) (self OTG with df+H, c.M…)
Wolverine: Berserker Charge (dd+PP)
Zero: Sougenmu (QCB+PP)

She-Hulk: Road Rage (HCB+PP - Level 3)
X-23: Silent Kill (QCB+PP - Level 3)

  • Special State DHCs -

Haggar: Giant Haggar Press (DP+PP)
Hulk: Gamma Quake (DP+PP)
Hsien-Ko: Chireitou (QCF+PP)
Sentinel: Hyper Sentinel Force (QCB+PP)
Trish: Round Harvest (QCB+PP)
Tron: King ServBot (DP+PP)

Note: These supers count as not directly hitting so you can actually hit with them as you DHC in.[/details]

DHC Trick Combo’s:
Combo 01: Midscreen
C.:m::h::f::h:, :qcf::s:, :qcf::atk::atk:, DHC

Combo 02: Midscreen #2
C.:m::h::s:, SJ, :m::m::h::s:, J. :qcf::m:, :df::atk:+:s:, J. :s:, :h:, :qcf::l:, :qcf::atk::atk:, DHC
Notes: If you’re close to the corner at the end of the combo, you can also end in :h::qcf::s::qcf::atk::atk:.

Combo 03: Corner
C.:m::h::s:, SJ,:m::m::h::s:, J. :qcf::h: (otg), J.:s:, :qcf::s:, :qcf::atk::atk:, DHC

Combo 04: Throw (Corner)
Forward throw (into the corner), J. :qcf::h:, J.:s:, :qcf::s:, :qcf::atk::atk:, DHC

Combo 05: Airthrow (Close to corner)
Airthrow, J.:qcf::m:, J.:s:, :qcf::s:, :qcf::atk::atk:, DHC

Combo 06: Bionic Arm (Corner)
:qcb::atk::atk:, J.:qcf::m:, J.:s:, :qcf::s:, :qcf::atk::atk:, DHC

Combo 07: Bionic Arm (Midscreen)
:qcb::atk::atk:, J.:qcf::m:, :df::atk:+:s:, J. :s:, :h:, :qcf::l:, :qcf::atk::atk:, DHC
Notes: If you’re close to the corner at the end of the combo, you can also end in :h::qcf::s::qcf::atk::atk:.

Combo Video’s:
Stark, Amaterasu/Spencer/Taskmaster

MURPHAGATOR, Spencer/Sentinel/Haggar

Jamheald, Spencer/Wesker/Sentinel

Complete DHC Options, with or without Trick, UNFINISHED LIST

DHC out of Bionic Arm:
Amaterasu: Okami Shuffle (QCF+PP)
Amaterasu: Veil of Mist (QCB+PP)
Chun-Li: Kikosho (QCF+PP)
Dante: Million Dollars (QCF+PP) (not all hits)
Dante: Devil Trigger (QCB+PP)
Dormammu: Stalking Flare (QCB+PP)
Dr.Doom: Sphere Flame (SRK+PP)
Hulk: Gamma Crush (QCB+PP)
Iron Man: Proton Cannon (Angled) (SRK+PP)
Magneto: Magnetic Shockwave (QCF+PP)
Magneto: Gravity Squeeze (SRK+PP)
Ryu: Shinku Hadoken (aim up) (QCF+PP)
Sentinel: Plasma Storm (QCF+PP)
Sentinel: Hyper Sentinel Force (QCB+PP) (not all hits)
Storm: Hailstorm (QCB+PP)
Super Skrull: Inferno (QCB+PP)
Super Skrull: Death Penalty (SRK+PP)
Taskmaster: Legion Arrow (QCF+PP)
Thor: Mighty Tornado (QCF+PP)
Thor: Mighty Thunder (SRK+PP)
Trish: Round Harvest (QCB+PP)
Wesker: Phantom Dance (QCF+PP)
Zero: Rekkoha (QCF+PP)

DHC into Bionic Arm:
Akuma: Beam (QCF+PP hold H)
Chris Redfield: Loading Grenade (QCF+PP)
Chris Redfield: Sweep Combo (SRK+PP)
Chun-Li: Kikosho (QCF+PP)
Dante: Million Dollars (QCF+PP)
Dormammu: Chaotic Flame (QCF+PP)
Dr. Doom: Aerial Photon Array (QCF+PP)
Haggar: Rapid Fire Fist (QCF+PP)
Iron Man: Proton Cannon (QCF+PP)
Ryu: Shinku Hadoken (QCF+PP)
Sentinel: Hyper Sentinel Force (QCB+PP)
Sentinel: Plasma Storm (QCF+PP)
Storm: Hailstorm (QCB+PP)[/details]


I’m a complete scrub and this is probably going to be a really dumb question, but after I do the S in the air (after the first series) the opponent seems to hit the ground and recover before I can land, jump and do the arm scoop. Is there something you can do to speed your descent?

EDIT: NM I figured it out. It’s important that you do two mediums before the strong I guess. If you don’t you’re too high up when you spike the guy down.



Your confirmation is about 30 seconds in.

Just don’t land before you do the move. If you’re midscreen do qcf+B. If you’re in the corner do qcf+C.


magic series -> launch -> air magic series -> medium or heavy grapple -> ~ (opponent wall bounce)

if you’re in the corner you can just do another M -> Heavy Grapple


if you’re not in the corner you can do a well timed angled down grapple from full screen for another 2 hits


Nice, I’ll edit it then.

I’ll add that on there.

EDIT: Added a Resets section as well, mostly just combo’s into Hook with C followup to get a command grab or combo into something else.


I think it should be noted that landing after the j.:s: then jumping to air zip kick is optional. You can hit them with the grapple while still airborne after the j.:s:. Maybe it’s just me, but in some instances, I can hit Bionic Lancer easier that way.

Is there supposed to be a grapple followup after :qcf::m: ? If I do zip kick afterwards, and then :l::m::h::qcf::s:, they don’t wall bounce.

A few combos I’ve found:
:l::m::h::qcf::s: > :l::m::h::qcf::s: > any super
-Does quite a bit more damage than other level 1 combos. Have to mind the spacing since it has to be sorta near the corner to use but not too close. If they wallbounce over you to the other side after the first :qcf::s:, I’d just magic series into launcher and end with the typical air combo. You can also do Bionic Lancer instead of the second :qcf::s: and it’ll still do quite a bit of damage

:l::m::h::qcf::l::l: > dash> j:qcf::m: > j:qcf::m: (or land > :qcb::atk::atk:)
-Midscreen combo. Damage isn’t all that great compared to other combos, but it does push them far back.

:l::m::h::qcf::s: > :l::m::h::qcf::l::l: > OTG assist > any super
-Near corner combo.


Really? I’ll give it a testrun tomorrow.

Pretty sure that part’s a mistake, sorry!

I’ll add those. I’ll give all the combo’s noted here a testrun and note down their damage and difficulty.



Got the game early, Spencer is definitely going to be on my main team, here’s some things I found out.

Spencer + Arthur is godly. Fire Bottle Toss is a great combo extender and great pressure assist.
In the corner:

Magic Series > launcher > M M H S > land > jump > 236H > j.S > S+Fire Bottle Assist > Jump cancel > j.S > 214AA
601k damage for 1 super, pretty good. You can also end with 236L+M instead for 494k meterless.

I also found out that you can link 6H into 236S anywhere on screen

so any magic series into 6H > 236S > 236AA for 576k damage, or you can go for 214AA for better positioning. This combo almost always puts them in the corner no matter what.

Slightly improved midscreen BnB:
Magic Series > Launcher > SLOW M M H S (really slow, you want to bring your opponent down some before you smash them to the ground > land, jump > 236M > 236M

Gets you about 20k more damage and you can wire grapple to your opponent SAFELY and drop down with a cross up j.S into pressure.


While it’s rather basic, Magic Series > S > MMH > qcf. L > H > qcf. L is a lot of fun in the corner. Easy ~426,000 damage for no meter. Works out of the corner too, if you drop the final heavy hit and turn the last zipline into a medium one.


Good stuff, Grimm! I noted down some damage for the non-meter and meter combo’s. I’ll try out the f.H to qcf S again, since I haven’t gotten it to work myself.


Link it visually, once you find the timing it gets to be very easy.


:034:, I’m not sure why I’m getting smaller damage numbers for the:
:l::m::h::qcf::s: > :l::m::h::qcf::s: > any super combo
I get 596,300 with Bionic Lancer. I haven’t check the others. And my damage settings are at default.

Thanks to the 6H combo that JohnGrimm mentioned, that above combo can be done from the center of the stage but the area in which you can do it seems to be even more pickier.
:l::m::h::f::h::qcf::s: > :l::m::h::qcf::s: > any super
630,200 damage for bionic lancer (671,900 if you add TK j.:qcf::h: after the punch)
673,600 damage for bionic maneuvers

Also I’ve apparently gone crazy for OTG assists now.

:l::m::h::s: > jump > :m::m::h::s: > OTG assist > :qcf::l::l: > dash > j.:qcf::m: > j.:qcf::m:
478,600 damage with wesker
midscreen combo

:l::m::h::s: > jump > :m::m::h::s: > OTG assist > :h::qcf::s: > :h::s: > superjump > :m::m::h::s: > j.:qcf::m:
543,800 damage with wesker
corner specific combo

:l::m::h::s: > jump > :m::m::h::s: > OTG assist > :h::qcf::s: > :h: > :qcb::atk::atk:
603,700 damage with wesker
1 meter version of above combo

:l::m::h::s: > jump > :m::m::h::s: > OTG assist > :h::qcf::s: > :qcb::atk::atk: > TK j.:qcf::h:
629,900 damage with wesker
mid screen combo

I haven’t tried out OTG with zipkick yet if someone wants to try that out.


in air I usually end an air combo with H xx H Grapple, he hits the opponent into a wall bounce, then L grapple, knock them away again.

Spencer is pretty cool. I like how you don’t really need to do anything fancy to deal damage with him.


:l::m::h::s: jump :m::m::h::qcf::l: wait :h::qcf::l:
you may be able to continue with Something, still playing around.


Add these to your air game:
directly above opponent or directly in front: j.:qcf::h:, :qcf::m:
at an angle (midscreen or fullscreen): j.:qcf::m:, :qcf::m:
both do 217,100

Example of how to incorporate this: Any ground combo, any air combo ending with :s:, xx :qcf::m:, :qcf::m: 390,000-420,000 depending on what all you end up pressing. There have already been some alternatives to Spence’s air magic series recommended in this thread. :m::m::h::s: works nicely. This is kinda hard to land unless you really practice it.

stupid/easy super setups:
:qcf::l: > :h:, :qcf::s: > Spear :qcb::atk::atk: 417,500
:qcf::l: > :h:, :qcf::s: > Maneuvers :qcf::atk::atk: 470,200
Fire Bionic Spear when the enemy drops right below the life bars, fire bionic maneuvers immediately after armor piercer – the timing for each super is different.
***There’s a small window of opportunity where :qcf::l: > :h:, :qcf::s: cannot be blocked. It’s possible, but if you practice with a dummy on Auto Guard, you’ll find the opportunity.

Bionic Spear: :qcf::l: > :m:, :qcb::atk::atk: 345,600 GUARANTEED but very small window of opportunity

My personal favorite…RAGEQUIT RESET LOOP!!!
When you’re standing right in front of them OR after :qcf::l: > :h:

…:dp::m: > :h:, :qcf::m: > :h:… repeat until dead. 129,500 each loop, resets right in front of you for another :dp::m: command grab.

Above reset loop can be followed/ended by :qcf::s:, :qcb::atk::atk: as mentioned above.


How do u TK the :qcf: :m: can someone show me the inputs plz it would really help alot…


Qcf, uf + M. Hit M just as Spencer leaves the ground.


:l::m::h::s: -> super jump -> :m::m::h::s: -> OTG :qcf::uf: :h: -> :s: -> :u: -> :m: :h: -> :qcf: :h:

434,200 dmg

:l::m::h: -> :qcb::atk::atk: -> :qcf::uf: :h: -> :s: -> :u: -> :m: :h: -> :qcf: :h:

573,400 dmg

very flasy and neat combo.

even without the first magic series, it’s a VERY damaging punish if you Bionic Arm through someone spamming projectiles from the corner. The most difficult part is TKing the Grapple and timing the :s: then going into jump :m::h:

the :s: has to be be a litttttle bit late, but not too late



Turns out it’s mission 10 with a :d: :df: :f: :m: instead of :s: