MvC3 Buyers guide. Where to buy the game online


Buying and/or pre-ordering MvC3, here’s a guide to where to do so.

Please note that all items are the US/NA version unless indicated.

Thread updated as of 2/10/2011.

**-PS3 $59.99
-X360 $59.99
-PS3 CE $69.99
-X360 CE $69.99
*Pre-orders here come with a T-shirt
-PS3 $59.99
-X360 $59.99
-PS3 SE $69.99
-X360 SE $69.99
-Strategy Guide $12.43
*Pre-orders get $10 credit on any future game purchases (non SE only).
**99c release day shipping.

Best Buy
-PS3 $59.99
-X360 $59.99
-PS3 SE $69.99
-X360 SE $69.99
-Strategy Guide $19.99
*Can pre-order in store from any kiosk in the store.
-PS3 SE $59.99
-X360 SE $59.99
-PS3 $52.99
-X360 $52.99
-Strategy Guide $12.43
*Free shipping available.

-PS3 $54.79
-X360 $54.79

-PS3 £37.99
-X360 £37.99
*Free 1st class postage and T-shirt.

Gameplay (UK)
-PS3 £37.99
-X360 £37.99
*Free 1st class postage and likely to arrive on Thursday instead of Friday.

GameStation (UK)
-PS3 (EU) £39.99
-X360 (EU) £39.99
-PS3 Steelbook Edition £39.99
-X360 Steelbook Edition £39.99
*Free shipping for UK residents.
*Steelbook edition is a Gamestation exclusive.

-PS3 $59.99
-X360 $59.99
-PS3 SE $69.99
-X360 SE $69.99
-Strategy Guide $19.99
*Pre-orders here come with a decal for your console

-PS3 59.99?
-X360 59.99?
*German Gamestop has the “art book and t-shirts” for pre-order.

-PS3 $59.99
-X360 $59.99
**Purchases get 25,000 ($25 worth of) Shop Your Way Rewards Points (for SYWR members only).
***A lucky few will get a limited bonus item on yop of yhr 25,000 points. *

-PS3 $59.99
-X360 $59.99
-PS3 SE $69.99
-X360 SE $69.99

-PS3 $64.90
-PS3 (Japan) $79.90
-PS3 (Asian) $44.90
-X360 $64.90
-X360 (Japan) $79.90
-X360 (Asian) $44.90
-X360 SE TBA
-Strategy Guide $19.90
*Free shipping available for some countries.
**Not known if Play-Asia and Capcom Asia will have their usual freebies like with SSFIV.
-PS3 $59.99
-X360 $59.99
-PS3 SE $69.99
Online pre-orders get $10 Wallmart eGift Card (non-SE)

Zavvi (UK)
-PS3 £33.85
-X360 £33.85
*Free UK delivery on all orders.

Please not that prices are exclusive of shipping costs.

Please post updates in this thread, or PM me about them.


is it just me, or do you get WAY more for the capcom store one than any others, at least if you like clothes?


Not just any bit of clothing. IT’S A FRICKIN’ “WASTE OF FLESH” SHIRT. Complete with tentacled cosmic horror gripping onto cute robot slaves.


Yes, but their shipping tends to be more expensive and slower than sites like Amazon (in my experience).

Also, d3v, you neglected to mention that if you preorder the regular edition from Amazon for either console, you get $10 in promotional credit toward a future video game purchase (you get the credit once the game ships).


Way more? Isn’t the only extra the shirt?


as compared to 2$ off or a crappy decal? That’s way more to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Whateva son, I get it for 10% off, and I believe I get it early, from Gamestop. I will wear my Ryu decal with pride!

(I work there so it’s pretty sweet)


thanks for posting this thread (:
I got my game at gamestop, does anyone know if its possible to get it earlier than the 15. i hear alot of people talking about early preorders delivery.
Gamestop garentees it on the 15 (cuz i got the 20$ shipping lol)
So will i get it early?


I have a guess with the early preorder; its possible they deliver them to arrive on the release day no matter what, so if you second day or slower you MIGHT get it earlier if the shipper is efficient, but might not.

Pure speculation of coures >>


No you won’t. We get sued 1000 dollars for every copy we let break the street date. We will do it for employees (I think) but other than that NOPE


Definitely Amazon since I have Prime, and I’ll take the $10 code over the T-shirt, which I would never wear.

Thanks for the details.


good thread, ill keep it stickied and updated if dev leaves


Best place to order in the UK is shopto, they’re always great with delivery when I order from them, you’ll probably get it a day early, £3 back if it doesn’t come by release day (won’t be the case,) some free MVC3 comic thing and just £32.86, cheaper than Game, Gamestation, Amazon, HMV, Play. Oh and free delivery.


no special edition STILL for the UK makes me angry.


Updated with K-Mart info.


If I preorder from the capcom store, will I get the Shuma shirt and the newly announced preorder shirt?


I’ve never pre-ordered from Amazon before, will they deliver by the release or ship on the release date?


They’ll ship on it unless you choose “Release day delivery” at checkout.

It’s usually pretty cheap, and free with a prime trial or membership. The option isn’t available on all orders.


So are the shirts now pre-order bonuses everywhere?


Just a note for Amazon.

Release date shipping is FREE with Amazon Prime. (Based on personal experience, you usually get the game on release day anyways with 2 day shipping. However if you do have Prime, you should just go with release day shipping)

Also the Collector’s Edition of the game does NOT come with $10 credit.