Mvc3 casuals (east bay(alameda))

hey guys i wanted to hold some casuals at my place. i wanna keep it small about 5-6 people. im usually free during the day so if you are interested let me know when is a convenient time for you to come over and we’ll figure out a good time. im not trying to have it weekly but more like having people over when a good amount of people are free to hang out.

yo! still looking to lvl up?

i am actually. when are you free?

usually weekends and after 5pm on weekdays. You just play MvC3?

no i also main sagat/ibuki in super. its been a while though. been obsessed with mvc lately. whats your mvc lineup?

my roommate plays hulk/spidy/wolv
and our other sparring partner plays capt/wesker/spidy

I def need more time in the lab with MvC3, (been playing MK9 and want to play some AE now that its out)

sexcellent im in town too. i play capt/wesker/spidy

Hey Ph4ntom are you going to NCR this weekend?

so is your place available?

yeah when are you thinking you wanna do a meet up? You play Xbox or PS3?

probably not. im hitting up this underground rave on sat. plus im poor

i am available all the time since its summer now. what city you in? im on 360. psn is lame sauce

im glad you all play different characters. i need to learn how to fight wesker and spidey for sure. i use dante/wolvy/sent. but my dante needs some work. ive just got basics down for now but i love how he has so much combo potential.

can you message me your number so we can figure something out?

Marvel in Alameda?!? Sounds interesting. I play Chris/Zero/Jill. Mind if I join in?

for sure pm me your number and we’ll set up a time. im waiting on snake to hit me up so hopefully we can get a few people to play

where are you located?

I’m located in Oakland, so it’s very close to Alameda.

Wrapping up moving into my new place this weekend very close to downtown Oakland. Need some more practice

pm me your number and i will contact you when we have casuals

casuals going on tonight if interested pm me your number

any of you guys going to NCR tomorrow?