Mvc3 - censorship - community stupidity and the drama

Hi guys i will just ask you all to please read this and think about what is happening…

So yesterday (monday 21 of feb) i was checking the MVC3 forums when i noticed a thread called “the only problem with mvc3… is you”, i read it and my first impression was “What a wall of text”, i also thought that it would be a problem for a lot of people here in the SRK forums because not all the members can read properly.
But well after that first impression and after reading it, i thought that the guy that wrote the thread was selling smoke and mirrors.

Not only his examples were not the optimal ones but he was also confusing the people by selling his view of the game, sentinel and the mechanics as facts.

Now everybody does that in a subconscious way when they truly believe they are right about something, but that does not mean we should take that as the only truth in this whole forum.

But theres something im really worried about and its this kind of “censorship” that the SRK staff applied today.

Thats because yesterday as i was reading the thread i saw a lot of good opposing arguments and those WERE NOT considered in the front page, they werent even mentioned… they just posted what they thought would make everybody shut up about this whole drama, and i think we need an explanation about that.

And thats a big problem, because right or wrong that article now its going to set in stone (for a lot of people) the view of the game and without an opposing view, that article gets turned into facts by the dumber members of the community.

I think it was an irresponsible decision by they SRK mods to make that into an article without letting the thread get real conclusions and reach a better understanding of the problems that were discussed.

¿Cant you see it people? The only real problem here is the community, we have a lot of people that will complain everytime they can about anything, we have people that want to give their view of the game, and we have people that think everybody is a scrub except for them.

We have to start to use our brains a little more.

**Im asking politely to bring down that article, because its not going to do good to the community.

that “article” its going to fraction the community even more…

At the very least please put up all the opposing arguments, give the people the whole view of the problem, not just one side of the coin, to comprehend this whole thing in a better way we need to understand all the different views of the problem.**

I want to keep this short but this my starting point about whole problem.

Right now this game is still very young (1 fucking week old! ) but that doenst change the fact that the game functions in pre-designed way.

There are a lot of arguments appealing to the time we had to digest MVC2 and the fact that its still too early to say something is overpowered.


There have been a couple of interesting threads taking about the numbers (damage scaling, x factor scaling, character specific frames and damage output) and there on those threads you can clearly why some people are whining so loud.


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And isn’t the article just a copy paste of the first post in that thread?

It’s not any less irresponsible as the jwong tweets or the cross counter bashing. I say let it fly. If you disagree, it’s on you.

And for the record, you’re only saying this because you disagree with the article, thinking it’s “smoke and mirrors”. To me, the article is truth.

Thanks its now fixed…

Yes it is a copy paste, thats what makes this whole thing ridiculous just because some people (and aa lot of them with questionable reputations) nominated that post for an article, doesnt mean its absolutely true, they just want to see their view of the game validated.

No shit? A subjective opinion isn’t the same thing as verifiable fact? Give this guy a fucking nobel prize.

And then by your flawless logic we should let fly all the opinions of the people who play, just because you like the game as it is right now.

Yes i said the article its trying to sell smoke and mirrors, but that doesnt mean i actually agree or disagree with it, you are making that up yourself, and as a reaction you immediately hide behind your “belief” that the article is true.

Your belief its totally irrelevant with what it is in fact the truth behind the game. Again look at the numbers not the words.

Whats up with tolerance in this forums? nobody reads anymore… nobody cares about anything anymore, just what they believe its true, you guys dont even think something else could be true.

You wanna shit all day, go somewhere else…

okay then, what do you mean by “smoke and mirrors”? That the argument presented isn’t legit?

Dude, all the article is saying is for people to calm the fuck down because the game has only been out for a week. It’s not going to fracture anything. Chill.

I think the article is doing good. I see it as trying to promote tolerance and recognize that the game is young and needs time to grow, with examples (for better or worse) that show this isn’t exclusive to only MvC3. I’m not sure how a piece opposing this line of thinking will be productive.

Numbers only tell half the story. We need to see how every element interacts with each other to get the right idea. Looking at numbers, Ironman gets a 230% strength boost in XF3, is he going hulkamania on you? Not at the moment, maybe next week he will, who knows?

I don’t think anyone is saying this game is flawless or will be flawless. We are at Week 2, there is not enough info to claim anything, only exhibit concerns that we have to wait to see if they manifest as actual problems instead of growing pains of a developing game. Maybe Sent will still be bullshit in 6 months or a year, but saying 1 week in that he needs to be nerfed and breaks the game is a bit extreme.

Just give it time, too early to claim anything as problematic in the gameplay department.

We are talking SRK here… it wil scale into a monster.

Check all the threads about xfactor or sentinel, check what the people think, roughly 40% of the people are saying “deal with it” the other 60% are whining. (of course the numbers are not on point but we can agree that right now there are more complaints than comments)

Now guess what will happen if Capcom realeases a poll to make a decision to nerf or not nerf sentinel?

You will not convince a lot of people that they need to “try harder” in the game, by shoving down their throats “the truth”

Hiding the other half of the argument and magically making it the truth is not going to make everything go away.

We need to inform and we need transparency with the information.

Some members are giving info on how to deal with sentinel and for the above of the class player it will be useful stuff… but for the normal guy and the guy complaining (that matters to capcom as much as you do because he also buyed the game) will still struggle, you know we usually forget that casual players also play, they (for capcom) are the majority.

And i love how a lot of people are talking like everything is solved now, because we now have a couple vids of how to deal with some stuff, you know what… as a sentinel player i also watched those vids and i can reverse engineer those tactics.

People are not taking the “sent player” into account. guess what would happen if suddendly some sent player starts give usefull info on how to destroy any particular member of the game.

just think about that…

Yeah… i agree with the article
A random player… most people will play random player with find something like a nube tube and use it cuz it has a high reward low skill thing.
its for a lot of new people who are sayin OMG SENT OMG X factor every five fuckin seconds.

people are bitching and over looking solutions to their game and want the “problems” to be fixed or removed rather than dealing with these “problems” head on, in game. Shyt, put on training mode and put the PC on very hard and give them x-factor and play against them (i think you can do this).

the deal with it doesn’t is just a shitty way of saying play better.
Its giving people a glance at what other games have been filled and maybe not all players are born to be tournament caliber

Wait wait wait…so you’re saying that we should embrace this crap?

You know what? Never mind. There are already threads about this.

I love how you told him to calm down since it’s week 2 and he completely ignored it.

DO IT! thats what the game is fuckin about! lmao… RELEASE THE TAPES!

PS…the normal person isn’t gonna wanna even consider buying a fighting stick(Most like playin with one) let along creep on here and take time away from prestige to learn all the shyt there is about marvel, even with it being a week old.
A lot of people wont, but a few will and those few will take time will adept their game as much as u do :slight_smile:

Of course a lot of Sentinel problems would have been solved if designers properly beta-tested him before the actual game came out… or maybe this whole drama wouldnt be so dramatic. (you see a storm coming, you get prepared).

I check the numbers and they tell you the truth not some bullshit story.

We can wait a month and wait for the desease to kill us or we can attack it right now… thats how medicine works… of course we can also wait for some miracle to happen and be fine…

We have to make a decision

The article is full of strawman arguments from top to bottom.

The fact that SRK would even publish such a ridiculous view of the game says it all. I hate the bitching/whining too, but no…that article does not represent all of us who agree with the overall point that people should calm down.

Numbers can be manipulated to say whatever you want them to say.

Why are you comparing medicine to a video game? There’s no “developer” to remove the disease if we can’t cure it.

This pretty much goes in line with the days before patches and updates: Time passes, problem spreads and people suffer, solution to problem is in works because they are dealing with it and people continue to suffer, solution to problem is found and less people suffer because there’s a way to deal with it or there’s no solution and people suffer and have to accept it.

The decision is to let this test go on and see how people adapt. If it is a genuine problem, not just growing pains, then Capcom can intervene.

Cuz of Arthur? :slight_smile:


I’m not even close to mastering Arthur, but I have at least 10 pics of rage quitting because of him. :clown::clown::clown::clown::clown: