MvC3: Claws and a Bra. X-23 Thread

X-23 Marvel vs Capcom page with offical screens and vids: MARVEL? VS. CAPCOM? 3: Fate of Two Worlds | Characters - X-23

**Official movelist: **

Check out Syfex’s X 23 stick:

Vid 1 gameplay: YouTube - Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: X-23
Vid 2 new challenger theme (lv 3): [media=youtube]EhpGQgtHfNg&feature=player_embedded[/media]

TGS gameplay vid 1: [media=youtube]Dm-QnYv9GUY&feature=player_embedded[/media]
gameplay vid 2: [media=youtube]ilOyPfB50Kg&feature=player_embedded[/media]

TGS, gameplay about 20:24 mark:
[media=youtube]udxOw6FzzpY&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - [TGS2010][09.19[/media]
At the 17:30 mark. Seth said “X-23 may be the fastest character in the game right now”. The Wanderer


Seth’s X-23 play through/ demo: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Character Moves Demo: X-23 (PlayStation 3) - GameSpot Video
New gameplay vid, Girl power: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Gameplay Movie: Girl Power (PlayStation 3) - GameSpot Video
New gameplay vid, @ 2:22 spidey dies and level 3 grabs incoming amy in air: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Gameplay Movie: Supers Galore (PlayStation 3) - GameSpot Video
New gameplay, about 10 seconds only: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Gameplay Movie (PlayStation 3) - GameSpot Video

Another brief demo by Seth, first vid: Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s Newest Characters, Played By Capcom’s Best Fighting Game Player youtube mirror: [media=youtube]dcr9HwbOVs8[/media]
Like Bronzefist said, crap gameplay but first look at alt colors: MVC3 Spider-Man vs X-23 gameplay - Eurogamer Videos |

Seth does another demo: [media=youtube]lgTHR9371vI&feature=player_embedded[/media] @ 2:39 Spidey jabs her while in invis from her lv 3 and she still remains invised.
Gameplay: [media=youtube]oIK6T9pXRKY&feature=player_embedded[/media]

X-Force uniform please!

I’m buying dat X-23 #1 this week!

Damn, Capcom knows how to advertise!

No chance she’ll be a Wolverine clone Heh gameplay wise, seeing how she & Logan fight in completely different ways.

Out of left field.
Let’s get some footage.


So again…why is Felicia in this game?

DAMN IT, don’t start that crap again!


this must be how ihatesentinel mustve felt when tron was announced

Wow…X-23 has been a favorite of mine in the Marvel Universe since NYX.
Totally random for MvC3.

They are really going for the unsung characters.

Not really. It is of my understanding that X-23 #1 launches this week. Sounds like she’s going to be a new thing for Marvel, what better way to advertise her! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks, Marvel.

well, this probably guarantees that that crappy Daken won’t make it in so i guess im glad for that

Still hoping for her X-Force uniform since her ass was tight in that.


I totally agree.

Waiting for video! Comon Capcom release that stuff!

I have a feeling the video with T.Bonne in it is the only cinematic we’re going to get out of TGS.

Should hopefully get some gameplay vids though.

Well unlike some people over at gamefaqs and Capcom Unity I’m gonna wait to see some gameplay vids of her before jumping to conclusions and saying she’ll play like Wolverine. Because Niitsuma’s had an anti-clone stance when it comes to the vs. games he’s been involved with.

Plus she has claws in her feet, so I’m expecting a Scarlet Terror-esque move… but with Blade feet.

I would lol so hard if she had the exact same moves as Wolverine but with different qualities. Just something to think about even though it definitely won’t happen.

Thank you, Capcom.

Now some footage please.

I knew about this for months and was waiting