MvC3: Claws and a Bra. X-23 Thread


The last 3 minutes of this video should help you figure things you can do with the strings. The s.H leaves you at plus 12 on block so you can easily dash back in and do another MFC’d s.H or string that ends in MFC’d s.H to stay in. If they tried to stick out a normal or advance guard at a bad time you can hit them for a combo. If they advance gaurd the MFC’d s.H, X-23’s wave dash is so fast and the block stun from the MFC’d s.H lasts so long that you can get in and s.H MFC them again and stay in. Creating a psuedo infinite block string.

I have a tournament match from a single elim slow tournament that I’m participating in where all the matches are played FT5. When the video gets on youtube I’ll post that up so you can see some of the corner pressure I used with it in the match also.

X-23’s mixups off of frame advantage are really good imho. It’s sort of a SF4 Rufus kind of thing where you can punish people so hard for pressing buttons. Once they stop pressing buttons is when you can actually really kill them with unblockables or left/right mixups. Then again, who really blocks in this game rofl.

I made it a point to find strings with my team where; if they block it, it’s a mixup; if they pushblock it, I stay in their face and have advantage/opportunity for another mixup ; and if it hits, it combo’s.

Using X-23/Wesker/Dormammu, there is a lot of stuff that just rapes teams flatout in 20 seconds for 2 wrong guesses. Also, corner lockdown for days ;).

Like I said, getting some people to actually sit still and connecting a s.H on their block can be stupid difficult sometimes, but once you do you’re pretty much golden. At that point you more or less have to screw up yourself to get pushed out again.

This is also why chars that have a very dominating air to ground game give X-23 the most trouble imho. Chars like Magneto, Dante, Trish are just never quite in that spot you want them to be it seems… Grrr.

LOL, Justin using X-23 in the Season’s Beating Good vs Evil.

EDIT: Wong was trying the anti-Dark Phoenix activation but messed it up. It’s not what I would’ve done though, but I guess my way’s riskier if it fails.

I actually modeled my playstyle after watching him play Marvel, nice and lame. Kinda cool that JWong is now trying her out.

In unrelated news, shoutouts to mirror matches with black vs black stripes. Immediate retreat to the character select.



Meep’s technology is much better. Justin bringing back those shades of Vanilla SFIV trying and failing with Viper against Daigo. He needs to go back in the lab. The best tech he had against Pheonix was with Wesker.

Ahahaha, I remember that Viper fiasco.

He didn’t even need X-23 for what he did, but yeah, his X-23 was a bit too new. Don’t see him sticking with her either. But it was nice to see X-23, at least for a bit.

Yeah he wasn’t even getting hit confirms off akuma assist and that shit is only like a 30 year hit confirm. I dunno. He kept forcing them to block akuma assist first before M feinting which killed any mix up to actually hit people with it. He was just using Akuma as a frame trap without any pay off. We’ll see if he puts her in the lab or most likely just gives up on her and ports with Wesker some more. LOL.

Once I get some money to go out to some majors again I’ll definitely have to put 23 on the board. I’ve brewed her up enough now I think and there’s definitely other X-23’s in the works. Stream monsters still think she’s weak but that will change soon. It’s just a matter of who makes it change. Now that everyone knows that Zero is retardo tier we can definitely show that X-23 is good at least.

Lol, yeah, it’s like he called the assist, but didn’t make much use of it at times, just used it for frametraps. He didn’t really get big damage when he did manage to get a hitconfirm off it either(ABCS stuff.) Whenever he did use Mirage Feint M+Tatsu though, Flocker got hit straight away, so he shoulda kept running that IMO.

Can’t believe it took people so long realise Zero was serious business too. All that’s left are Viper and X-23 haha. Please show everyone up with X-23 guys lol. Can’t wait to see more X-23 players in UMVC3 and yeah, the people on stream don’t know jack about X-23. Unfortunately for me, due to time issues and commitments(I have to take care of a sick relative full-time), can’t make it to tournaments. Would record more of my vids(not like I’m some X-23/MVC3 pro LOL) but I have no equipment anymore, plus my friends are busy and online sucks dick, so no comp. So I’m waiting on UMVC3, or for time to open up so I can attend at least one session at the gaming centre and getting a converter for the 360 format too.

Right now, there’s not much interest in the current MVC3.

Yeah things should pick up a bit once Ultimate comes out. I’m sure X-23’s XF+level 3 play style will stay the same and without getting any real nerfs and mostly buffs her technology has room to really show up in Ultimate.

I’m tired of not being able to play the characters I like, I’ll main X-23 from now on, fuck Wesker and fuck Viper.

I’ll start training right now.

Haha, I noticed that :wink:

A very minor trick that may be useless, but eh, I’ll throw it out there.

If you do an s.H with X-23 then Mirage Feint Cancel, they’re locked in block stun long enough for you to jump towards, instant overhead M, followed by the down + H and an L Talon Strike, for a triple overhead.

Unfortunately, aside from the biggest characters, crouching will go under this, so be careful. :smiley:

im pretty sure that both d.H and L Talon are not overheads, but its a neat trick…

Ah, darn. I suppose when you really think about it, since crouching blows it up, they’d have to be standing anyways so it being overhead is a moot point. I’ll have to test it in matches to see how well it works, but perhaps since it’s almost like a frame trap you might catch them trying to hit a button. It does lead into full 600k+ combos which is nice.

Definitely not a thing I’d pull out often, but I guess just one more tool for the toolbox.

It’s called an instant overhead - j.M -> d.H -> L-talon will combo on crouching Sent, Hulk, Tron, and Modok.

It’ll also work on the majority of the cast using a fuzzy guard setup - get them to block a delayed overhead (maybe off of an H-mirage), and immediately do the instant overhead while they’re still in blockstun.

In general X-23 is more of left/right mix up character than a traditional high/low style character. Her d+H when done low to the ground can cross up extremely ambiguously as shown here.

Her main pressure other than that involves frame trapping with MFC’s and trying to stick people with high priority combinations of air d+H to air L talon.

Thanks for the tips, DevilJin. I’ve played X-23 on and off since Day 1, but I haven’t really taken Marvel too seriously up until this past week, so I’m still a total scrub. I think I have less than 1,000 matches played. x]

MFC’s are the aspect of X-23 I find the most interesting, I’ve been practicing them a lot, and I am starting to be able to use them quite consistently. I’d really like them to be a common aspect of my gameplay, but I’m not sure how useful they are in a lot of situations, got a lot to learn I guess. x]

The s.H MFC specifically allows you to stay in on people and dash through their advance guards without having to use assists. Also a nice anti air that converts into combos.

I’ll pick the blue and original ones until the alternate costume comes out. :slight_smile:

I’m sticking with the original black because it fits my Dark DevilJin team of of all black colors. Doom’s metal in his darker colors is going to be darker also so that’ll make the whole team even DARKER.