MvC3: Claws and a Bra. X-23 Thread

Oh I love cats and the wallpaper looks awesome…I would put it as my Background but that would involve me getting rid of Haggar pliedriving a shark

Random bump but whatever, seems like the only fitting x-23 thread to do some shameless advertisement =P


My Cross Assault audition Video, help your fellow x-23 brethren get in and bust some heads lol.


I feel a lot better about X-23 now, after practising her high damage combos more and finding a more suitable team for her. Even managed to find a consistent combo with Ammy’s Cold Star(posted it in the combo thread) and tailored it to work on all characters now. Helps that the combo itself generates a lot of meter, so if I kill one character with the combo, I can still end up building 2 bars on the next char and kill off that char too. So potentially, X-23 can take care of any two characters at 1.05mil and below.

Fighting against characters who thrive at super jump height and/or have strong normals/zoning/other ways to counter X-23’s approach are still a massive pain though. Now I have to incorporate more mix-ups/spacing and work on some proper defence.

Why are you posting in this dead thread, Ryuga?

To be honest, I couldn’t find another place to post random X-23 stuff haha.This seemed like the most relevant one for it. I should be posting info in the Compilation Thread, which I will today! Got more combos to post. But aside from that, what else should I post? More team related stuff? Or more techniques?

Post everything you can =P the more technology the better!

Right on!

At uni right now, just about to leave. I’ll get the combos done, then flesh out the tech-rolling stuff more, then probably try to go into spacing a bit. :smiley: And possibly dig out the X-23 Resets floating around on the board.

For some reason, I’m feeling optimistic about X-23 lol. Though she’s probably gonna get obliterated meta-wise later on thanks to a select bunch of chars, I dunno, I feel she’s a strong char. Can’t really justify why though. Maybe I’m just fanboying.

BTW, wanted to see you at that SFxTekken reality show haha. Would’ve been nice to have seen an X-23 player there.

Good God the alerts feature is ass. Pretty sure I subscribed to a bunch of threads here but I didn’t get anything. I guess I really have to manually check…

So as now (moreso than before), too much SF4. But at least I got a HRAP now, and with any luck, some local UMvC3 comp.

FR, here we come! Wandles is already over there and I’ll be heading over in a few hours! Pretty sure we’ve got Tatsu up there as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some rep going and have some matches on stream to show for it. :smiley:

Slightly off-topic, but yesterday, had a session for the first time in months. I hardly play this game due to me not being able to attend much sessions, if at all, so my X-23’s still horrible. Also, my team’s lack of truly good neutral/pinning assists for X-23’s really hurt me, as I simply couldn’t contend with chars on the ground, even when using pokes like cr.M and st.M. Had to resort to Talon Attacks and D+H to go over their normals. Chun wasn’t getting much done vs the top tiers, going to stick her in another team later on.

2 players ran Hidden Missiles, so DHCing into Storm’s Hail Storm was effective, but I can’t use Storm all that well yet.

I seriously hate:

  1. Firebrand. Obnoxious hitbox(even D+H was whiffing on him, WTF), obnoxious normals, obnoxious mobility(had to resort to using Jam Session) and unblockables. Good thing he dies fast.

  2. Taskmaster. I’m convinced this char flat-out beats X-23. Also, no real easy way to eliminate him off one hit due to his absurd amount of life, unless I use TACs.

  3. Magneto, especially with assists like Hidden Missiles.

  4. Doom

Had to deal with some unfamiliar MUs like Haggar, Felicia, Hsien Ko and Chris. Didn’t fight the rest of X-23’s bad MUs.

On the plus side, I was regularly using TK Crescent Scythe Loops off MFC hitconfirms(unfortunately, still need to work on the loops on the 2P-side though) and that helped a lot damage-wise.

Strongly considering using Tatsu assist again lol.

I didn’t think this would deserve its own thread so I’ll just post here. Just getting a count on how many people that have been repping laura hard is going to be at Evo this year. My goal is to seek these players out and challenge them so I can test my X23 game vs another one.