MvC3 coming soon?


Personally, I’d rather have CvS3, but hey I’m not gonna complain if we get MvC3.

Hope they add Dante to the Capcom cast.

Can’t wait, hopefully it’s as nuts as MvC2. I wanna see people get shanked in real life by captain salty.

This is almost like a leak loop. Guy leaks thing, gets banned, blogs, other blog links it, it becomes perfectly okay to link.


Yes. I need crazy combos. Fuck links.

:lol: It’s the leak circle of life. Finally returning from whence it came.

Get hype.

I hope we can use a 4-man team instead of 3 this time.

And I also hope all of the sprites are redrawn.

So many different fighting games are at the horizon. I can’t control myself.

in before wiz deletes the thread and bans the op further confirming the truth of this rumor

Seeing as Capcom said the way SF is done (visual wise) will be how their future games are done. I don’t think you’ll be seeing sprites.

If there is no gene from god hand, I will murder a kitten.

Including cross-overs?

Hoping for TvC styled fighters and roster

must have Alex, zero, x, punisher, deadpool, human torch, and maybe even kick ass

ban brian crecente

Is Kick-Ass even Marvel?

Also, I know who I’d like to see in it.

Kick-ass is from Icon and that is owned by Marvel

henaki is the most famous leaker on the internetz now

Too good. Cant wait for this, HD sprites for a new MvC would be pretty sick.

This makes me a happy man. :smiley:

All hail Henaki!