MVC3 Coming?

:open_mouth: :lovin:

close thread


We have begun to cope with the fact that MvC3 is a pure myth, and you reopen the wound? Evil.

Damn, I would like to do that one day. That shit is bad ass: “Close thread.”

Ok, here goes:

Close thread.


pfft it only works right when those are the ONLY words in your post… :frowning:

Well the guy said that “Yes” it might be coming, all I’m doing is posting information about it…

Opening a wound? What? It hurts that the game isn’t coming out or something?

^ mvc3 was a bad april fools joke couple years ago :sad:

Damn you CAPCOM!! Stop toying with us already!!

…but yeah, I doubt this is happening…for another several years…>>

oof. Tastu v. Capcom would be a dope engine for a new versus game. Whenever tis license runs out and they stop making shitty marvel beatemups, capcom needs to get on the ball and court marvel comics for our sake

Oh it’s not your post of the info that is shady, it’s the info itself. And as DeathScyanide mentioned, April 1st was mean…MvC3 has been ‘released’ a million times already by pure announcement. Most of us are at the point now where we are like, “Vids or it never happened.”:shake:

Screen Shot

For those that are unaware of the newest installments development, a screen shot was released for MvC3…

Close Thread, as Lovepig already said.

How many of these have I seen already?

there’s a better one with dante and thor.

wasnt zero and sagat in it too?
damn that pic

edit: found it



thats just MUGEN


these wounds will never heal

that’s not mugen. you fail.


i’ll seize the day when MvC3 comes out

that’s a nice screen shot. and if i could find that for MUGEN…i just might take a liking to it[MUGEN] again lol oh and uh kotaku can suck my dick cuz they can’t be trust for most credible sources

by far the worst April fool’s joke ever… my mouth was overflowing with saliva until i randomly dragged my mouse over the screenshot…

and Zero was lookin soooo badass in the screenshot… definitely not cool to reopen that wound… much less pouring salty lemon juice in it…

ok, again… it’s not mugen. it’s photoshop