MvC3 Console Differences

I don’t know if this has been posted b4 but I thought, if people care enough…

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Edit // [media=youtube]3gcuvO_kE5s"[/media]

So what I’m getting is that the PS3 drops more frames but has no screen tearing, while the 360 drops less frames and has screen tearing. PS3 input lag averages at 5 frames but sometimes goes up to 6 frames, while 360 averages at 5 frames and sometimes drops to 4 frames.

Great info … wish they could have gotten more assists and stuff out during the framerate analysis.

Pretty sure the biggest difference is that on the PS3 it takes several minutes to upload stats and on the Xbox 360 it takes several seconds to do the same thing. Not to mention the Xbox controller has the better design besides the crappy D-Pad but I use analog so who cares.

thx for the 411. I’m going to bring my PS3 version to my friend’s(he has the 360 version) & do our own comparison tests.

How can you even see screen tearing with this game moving so fast? I can usually notice it, but I don’t see it on 360.

Faux pas mon ami?
The stats update length is annoying, I agree.
From the tests it seems like there’s PS3’s a random odd frame slower than the 360. No 1-frame links in this game doesn’t make it a massive difference right?

i’m not a fanboy of either system, i have both systems for various reasons but i’m startin to think more tourny’s should hold mvc3 on 360’s

I also use the analog stick expect for 2 commands. For down-down and Reverse DP commands I use the d-pad. Just so annoying to do on analog…

I’m playing on 360 and there’s no screen tearing on an SDTV…

What i really noticed when when to my friends to play mvc3, is that the ps3 has longer loading times. From character select to uploading stats it’s just slower.

The game probably performs better overall since it gets to render in 480i instead of 720p.

How does that work? Genuine question… I’ve seen very mixed results with screen tearing over various resolutions. For example, FFXIII on the PS3 experiences screen tearing in 480i only, as opposed to a HD resolution…

Not entirely sure, but generally games are able to perform a little better at lower resolutions. 720p is a 1280x720 resolution, meaning the game console renders 921,600 pixels for every frame before outputting it to your TV or the 360’s upscaler or wherever. 480i/p is 704x480, 337,920 pixels, which is almost a third of the amount of pixels to render. So, performance should be better, and more resources should be available to prevent problems like frame drops and screen tearing. FFXIII had some issues. It was only on PS3, and it was only in SD. Not sure what went wrong there.

what’s funny is that the “lensoftruth” analysis contradicts the links above. I wonder who’s right…


That’s weird the first 2 links seem to say the 360 suffers more from frame rate dips and then the side by side show the PS3 having more frame rate dips. And then lens of truth shows the 360 frame rate dipping more frequently as well.

Its the fact that your PS3 is smart enough to know not to want to play FFXIII, lol. Anyway, I doubt the above tests are accurate, since I have the PS3 and XBox360, and the PS3 is FAR superior in processing due to the preload it does, the XBox is generally reading right off the disc, meaning its FPS will probably be slightly lower.

Why not download the game on to the 360 hard-drive then see what you come up with, wouldn’t that make it fair?

The 360s hard drive doesn’t perform this function. PS3 has better load times, and usually runs better because a game needs to be installed, I’m not sure what they install when you first put the disc in, but the install noticably improves a game’s performance.

From what I know 360 install copies over all the important files to the HDD and only uses the disc for verification purposes. Could be wrong though…

With consoles these days being more like PCs I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other factors going into it, like how clean the GPU is, cooling, ventilation, etc…