Mvc3: criticism wanted (with video)

notes: my brother is the worst camera man ever

Who is who…

i’m on p1 side, p2 is cpu

Okay…what do you need help on?

To me your team needs some re-ordering.

IMO, it should go Dante/ Zero/ Wesker. Of course with Weskers OTG assist.

mostly combo’s, also timing wesker teleport and zero’s dhc glitch

Well, you can quite literally get better combos from anywhere, since you’re just doing LMHS, then MMH into air tag. I didn’t see anything besides mashed out combos and mashed out supers in that video. Your DHC glitch starter in that team would be Dante into either Zero or Wesker, and you’ll have to perform it off of either his Crazy Dance or Harpoon. I’ll be honest with you though, with the skill level shown in that video, I doubt that you’ll be able to combo into the DHC glitch with Dante.

There’s your problem right there

For CPU just use: Sentinel, any, Morrigan
Just use Morrigan’s bar buff on Sent and just spam out projectiles. Just combo standing laser beam, crouching laser beam, rocket punch and super. Just doing that is enough to win even on hardest, when trying to get an ending simply chose that character as your third.

that’s because i’m still working on chris’ and akuma’s BnB combos before i go to my main team

So… why bother posting a video of a team that isn’t your main?
And what Cryoh was trying to say is that you’re just mashing out the usual LMHS, MMH + air tag almost every time.
You’re likely to get counter air-tagged by someone IRL if you do it as much in the video. Depending on air tag for damage is very unreliable.
You also are not maximizing damage by extending combos more. You should check out the character specific threads for info on how to do this.

We don’t see any usage of DHC glitch in that video, as was mentioned before, you could try improving your execution to start it with Dante and continue with Wesker or Zero.

ok, and that is my main, i was working on chris and akuma for some new direction on mix ups (and my wake up game is amazing with akuma)

Combos simply maximize damage. Work on your setups and mixups.

^This. Ideally on a real person and not AI.

ok so i’ve been charting my progress and fighting against online players (using my friends xbox),i’ve gotten way better with zero, but pulling off his DP+atk in midair is hell, especially after my sanwa broke.i’ll try to upload a video 2mm