MvC3 Current Opinion Poll

So I wanted to run a poll to try and get opinions from people on what they think of MvC3 so far, to try and see where the players come from and which games their background is based on. I know fans, especially Marvel fans, have been extremely sceptical of the game so far, so it would be interesting to see as time has went on, how their opinions have changed and whether they’re warming to the game. I hope you don’t mind me doing this, I know there’s the “I Love” thread, but I can’t start a poll there. So please tick the box that’s most relevant to you and leave any comments you might have. Just to keep this thread legit, if you have any suggestions, wish lists or any other comments that could be said elsewhere, please take them to their corresponding thread, as I don’t want this to turn into a duplicate thread.

Marvel = XMvSF, MSHvSF, MvC, MvC2
Tatsunoko = TvC, TVC: UAS

They’ve got some pretty good names that justify the hype. I’m OK for now.

so far, so good. All of the new characters look dope/fun to use.

Definitely can’t wait to get my hands on this.

I’m enjoying the look and play the more I watch. I’m excited beyond words.

So far so good. It’s nice to see that solid hybrid between TvC and MvC2 while introducing several unique characters. It doesn’t look like anyone’s even remotely similar to another character.

I’m hype for it :rofl:

I’ve played a decent amount of both Marvel and Tatsunoko, but I guess I qualify under Tatsunoko because I put a bit more time into seriously learning how to play and not just playing nothing but casuals like I did with all the Marvel games.

Regardless, I’m loving the way Marvel vs. Capcom 3 looks. It’s not about it being more like Marvel 2 or more like Tatsunoko for me. It just looks fun to play on its own so I’m hype. Can’t wait for the game to drop.

I was extremely skeptical, and there’s still a few things that look off, but overall I’m excited. Marvel player.

better than mvc2 that’s 4 sure

It looks like it’s going to be a fun game and I am looking forward to playing it.

A played a bit MvC2 back in the day, but spend more time with TvC recently, so I guess I’m a TvC’er
I’m satisfied so far, especially the more recent character reveals are shaping up to become unique characters (and we’re just about halfway)

The only that worries me a bit on the long run is the similiar combo startups due to the button layout (but we have a different thread for that)
Besides so far Dante is the most complete and he has specials to cancel in other specials, so I’ll give the other chars some time.

Overall I’m hyped up :cool: (my hype will go through the roof if a certain character gets announced :wgrin: )

MvC2 player, spend very little time with TvC. I am very excited for this game.

They still need a combo breaker of sorts for those long Dante-Like combos.
Still no word on what non-air dashers can use to combat the air -dash capable mix-up games!

Seeing people able to do decent (read: godlike) runaway and lockdown has gotten me excited. That description alone of Trish being able to do Storm-like runaway in the other thread gave me a chubby.

While it’s not a huge amount of votes, MvC3 is deffinately getting a posative reaction out of people!

This. I played both games a lot, but I’m better at TvC, and have put more serious time into it. I wasn’t sure where to vote on the poll, but I went with the Tatsunoko one. I’m very excited to play Marvel, and I’m very much enjoying how it looks.

I’m more of a strictly street fighter gamer,but even tho i haven’t played MvC2 much,i’m actually looking forward to this one tho,it’s coming along nice,and i’m liking the characters they’ve added too like Thor,Skrull & Dante.

It seems that the direction they are taking it in is calming down the initial angst felt by veteran Marvel heads during the unveiling of the first E3 playable version. Subsequent versions seem to be providing a greater sense of character individuality and eliminating universal cookie cutter elements people felt where just getting carried over from TvC and dropped into MvC3. All the characters seem very different thus far, so hopefully it will be open ended enough so that people will continue to find and develop new things for years. This will ultimately prove whether or not MvC3 too can be as long lasting and interesting as MvC2, but it looks like it’s going in the direction that is most likely to accomplish that.

What are you considering here for someone to be a marvel player. Are you just referring to tourney players?