MvC3: Dead Like Me: The Hsien-Ko Team Disscussion thread



Within this thread we discuss who we think will work well on a team with our favorite blueberry zombie girl. A format similar to this thread is preferred when making posts about suggesting new team combinations. Feel free to post critiques and analysis for other’s teams as they are added.


Wesker/Tron/Hsien Ko

[details=Spoiler]1. Who characters and teams will you use (in order of selection)?
Wesker/Tron/Hsien Ko

2. What type of game-play strategy are you pursuing with this team? (Explain)
Rushdown mixups and general mindfuckery

3. What advantages does your point (first selected) character have?
Teleport mixups, counters, a hyper counter, an easily comboable hyper, OTG command normal

What disadvantages does your point character have?
Lack of range outside of one command normal, high learning curve

What maneuverability options does your point character have?
Teleports, teleports everywhere

How will your assists aid your point character?
Tron’s Drill and Hsien Ko’s pendulum help lock down opponents while Wesker teleports in, alternatively Hsien Ko can use gong assist to help negate projectiles

4. What advantages does your secondary character have?
Insane corner pressure, easily set up command grabs, an easily comboed hyper, high stamina

What disadvantages does your secondary character have?
Again lack of range outside of standing Heavy

What maneuverability options does your secondary character have?
Drill and air drill are great for closing gaps

How will your assists aid your secondary character?
Hsien Ko’s gong will help negate keepaway while Tron advances, Wesker’s Samurai Edge can OTG for Tron to continue combos

5. What advantages does your last character have?
Tons of tricky moves and movement options, one of the only characters that can cause a stun state, great OTG hypers, a power up super armor state

What disadvantages does your secondary character have?
Not too great of damage output, a bit slow for a “rushdown” character

What maneuverability options does your last character have?
Pendulum + Air dash can help close gaps, teleporting ground dash

How will your assists aid your last character?
Tron’s drill helps keep opponents in place while Hsien Ko closes the gap

6. What kind of Delayed Hyper Combo opportunities do you think your team will have?
Chieretou > King Kobun > Phantom Dance

7**. What type of impact will your Team Hyper Combo have on your opponent (Explain)?**
Not much here

8. What are some of the weaknesses of your team?
Outside of gong assist could be vulnerable to keep away

9. After filling out this questionnaire, are you still comfortable with your team?
Very confident[/details]

OP will be updated with what we consider to be strong team combinations as time progresses.


It’s kinda hard to say, since she seems like she may be a welcome addition to any teams since her assists all seem like they have their uses.

That’s just my opinion though.


what about wesker/trish/ lei lei


True, but I wanted to get some more specific discussions and analysis going. Sure you could just slap Hsien Ko on a team for her assists but how about when she’s on point? Who would benefit her? Who would be a good DHC partner for her? These are the sort of questions I’m looking to answer.


i’m trying to theorize Phoenix (TK Overdrive) / Hsien-Ko (gong) / X-23 (Ankle Slicer) for a mix-up shenanigan team.

Phoenix on point - While X-23 uses her low assist, Phoenix can teleport behind the opponent causing them to block the wrong way, similar to Dhalsim’s yoga fire teleport mix-up in the SF4 series. Hsien-Ko can support with gongs to help Phoenix on getting in on projectile happy characters although she is already capable of doing so via 8-way dash or teleports.
DHC - Phoenix rage -> Rage Trigger (in a corner) / Phoenix Rage -> Cheireitou (corner)

Hsien-Ko on point - Hsien-ko uses pendulum for shenanigans while assisted with X-23’s Ankle Slicer assist.
DHC - Cheireitou -> Phoenix Rage / Cheireitou -> Rage Trigger

X-23 on point - Gong assist with Hsien-Ko while getting in. Make use of her various hops and high-low mixups as well as her command grab
DHC - Weapon X Prime -> Cheireitou / Rage Trigger -> Phoenix Rage

Pros - Front to back and high to low mixup capabilities. Offense oriented

Cons - Phoenix has sub-par assists, player has to choose between saving meter for Dark Phoenix or spending it on DHCs, somewhat gimmicky, bleeds heavily

I think it might be possible to sub Phoenix with Dante (jam session assist) because his Air Trick is also a teleport and his assists are better.


I’m kinda thinking about Dormammu backing her up, possibly with Dark Hole assist (Seems to be a good range to stick people in, for weapon tosses, and maybe Sempu Bu pressure). Chiretou DHC to Chaotic Flame should also be pretty nice. Stalker Flare should be a decent way to press enemies away for some time, to maybe give time for her to recover after drilling through attacks with the Super Armor.

If I get used to Spencer, he might be pretty nice too; I’d love to have someone who can pull opponents into her most dangerous zone of attack, and the yank-and-drop should give some time to set up some weapon throw / air dash / Sempu Bu / dash through shenanigans. Her armored swinging assist might help him land some Bionic Maneuver combos as well, and various other arm-related combos.

I’d be missing some serious speed on the team, but the reliance on some zoning, taking advantage of openings, and some aerial gameplay, could work some for each member.

There’s a lot of people I wanna try alongside her, but the emphasis of her slow movement from the comments today has me considering different configurations… of which this is just one.


You don’t need to Cheritou DHC to Chaotic Flame. You can probably tag Dormmamu in and just immediately do it. More damage that way too.


if that worked you’d have to do (hold :a1:) Cheireitou. Figure out the timing so he came out as soon as possible. Would also take a lot of screen space.


From what I’ve seen, it looks like Hsien-Ko will need an assist to ward off aggressive pixies. To that end, I’m thinking of backing her up with Morrigan (shadow blade) Ryu (shoryuken) or Haggar (lariat). And though her zoning game seems decent, I also think dedicated zoners might have her beat, so perhaps Sentinal with his drones?


from my little experience i find hsien-ko needs a team that helps her get in aka projectile assist of some sort that goes full screen. from watching ppl play and me trying her out im thinking doom, sentinel and maybe taskmaster? for possible characters. i wouldnt know who would be the third character in the team. but im thinking of using hsien-ko because she seems awesome once she actually gets in


why are you trying to get in with Hsienko? she’s a zoner.

She needs partners who can abuse of her broken DF assist…which are kinda most of the cast. Id say Zero is pretty good for her.


Hsien with Chris and Zero= most fun team that I’ve found so far.


Hmm If she really is a zoner, and she is not suppose to get in well she looks she is more of her Hunter incarnation than she is her Savior rushdown version.


Yeah I gotta start using her keepaway. I’ve been trying to rush down and getting my ass beat. :rofl:


Well I got to mash for four hours last night with a buddy of mine and experiment with a few different teams. After a while I kind of settled on having Hsien-Ko (pendulum) on point with X-23 (ankle slice) as a backup. For my third member I kept going back and forth between Haggar (lariat), Super Skrull, and Tron Bonne.

X-23 is nice, because she compensates for the lack of speed on a team that has Hsien-Ko in its ranks. Also, you can make some pretty tricky setups with ankle slice, and with Hsien-Ko’s interesting normals and mixup options on the way down from pendulum I was able to break my zoning game every once and a while and pull of some higher damage shenanigans.

DFP is a great assist for pretty much everyone, but I found it particularly useful for allowing Haggar to cover ground and get into my opponent’s face. It also proved useful for locking the opponent down and setting them up for Skrull’s elastic slam.

Those were my first impressions.


My Team is Wekser (Jaguear Kick)// Hsien-Ko (Senpu-Bu)//Dr.Doom(molecular shield) Any good tips for those teams?

Im still learning Dr. Doom but I have a pretty good grasp on Wesker I just need to master using his teleport and Hsien-Ko is next in line


My team has been Joe/Deadpool/Hsien-Ko

Deadpool’s katana-rama! assist is great, lets you do a launcher air combo otg into slow, or relaunch into air joe into desperado, with the option to DHC into Deadpool’s Gun Hyper.

Im not that good with Hsien-Ko yet, but the way Ive been using her is Launch with joe, team aerial combo to hsien ko, dark force then sawp out asap and abuse her dark force pendulum assist (So good!)
Im thinking of swapping hsien ko for chun eventually tho, or a good assist only type character.

Joe on assist has been pretty crappy. Idk what to put his assist as. I thought that groovy upper had invincibility but it doesnt so idk…I was thinking of switching to voomerang to help hsien ko get in and deadpool keep um out.

Btw, the team looks sick! Haha, joe color 1 deadpool color 1 and hsien ko color 2! Red n black baby :smiley:


Zoning can only work so long until they get you with a instant super (Akuma’s laser hyper) or a teleport. Sentinel’s (A) and Chun Li’s lightning leg assists are really good at keeping them at bay. So is Dante’s Jam Session and storm’s whirlwind (it pushes on block i believe).
She can apply some rush down with a “IAD” into air C. With Sentinel’s assist, you can put them in block stun for a while unless they choose to push block you. If they do, then you can cancel into gong in the air and just start throwing anki hous, or even cancel into pendulum (not gong) to get back in position.

Sentinel is one of her better partners because of the delay in between sentinel force hitting on block. It allows you to close in and play mind games (cross up or command grab). He’s also well needed because of how soft Hsien is.


How about this team?


Assists are:

  • LeiLei: Pendulum
  • Task: Horizontal Aim Master
  • Haggar: Lariat

Lei Lei is usually on point if I have to deal with zoners or Sentinel. It’s fairly easy to set up DFP and kinda safe switch with a H Gong on the field too, so Task can start up his game. If not, having Task helps my zoning actually be somewhat formidable and gives me a bit more time to fish out for better items with Ankihou. Lariat for dealing with rushdown and kinda setting up for any reliable combos to get them away or set up for DFP.

Task and Haggar then pretty much stay on the field, then Lei Lei mops up the rest when she comes in still Hyper armored. Any suggestions?


Hsien-Ko / Storm / Sentinel here; an all-around team which can zone, counter-zone or rush down effectively.

I play a patient zoning game until I hit 2 bars, after which I ~> DF (dhc) Ice Storm when I have a good opportunity. Sometimes that means continuing to zone with Hsien-Ko until I can hit-confirm into the Ice, sometimes that means switching as soon as possible.

Storm usually eliminates a character and whittles down the rest of the enemy team before dying; Hsien-Ko comes back in with full DF and does some more damage, and Sentinel has easy kill combos for every reaction an opponent can have to Hyper Sentinel Force XFC (lv3).