Mvc3 defense against comboing


I’ve been watchin some of the videos with the high ranking players and I’ve noticed that these players barly ever get caught in long combos and are able to escape mid combo can anyone help me with this


Anyone can be caught in a long combo if your opponent hit-confirms and follows up properly. The only way to prevent being caught in a long combo is to keep from getting hit.

The reasons you see pokes back and forth in a lot of the high-level play are because of dangerous assists on the screen (things like Tron flame assist and Doom missiles will disrupt your ability to start or finish a combo) and because the players are very careful to control space on the screen. They know where they need to be to make it hardest on their opponent to follow up.

Also, they’re playing in a tournament against a high-level player, very few players have the nerves to play a perfect game in those conditions.


It’s the tournament factor causing people to “escape” mid combos.


The player isn’t escaping, the other player is dropping the combo or can’t follow it up properly due to one of the above reasons.


if you play in a tournament, they give you a special arcade stick with an additional “Combo Breaker” button


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