MVC3 Defense Discussion

Hopefully upon the Moderators approval I can start a Defense Discussion thread on Everything Defensive in MVC3, Whats working whats not, Invincibility, Mobility, Counters, Projectile Assisted Defense, Character Move List Info, defensive moves that are character dependent/ Scenario dependant, Exscapes , Cancelling into Defensive Maneuvers and all the Perks that come to mind when thinking about Defense

I was just finished running through a bunch of vids today to see where I can start out with on this subject so presumably its gonna be ok to separate all the characters and their unique moves into their own categories:

[Normals] with Good/ Average/ Poor Defensive abilities for pokes with speed, range and unique advantage/ disadvantages (to help back off opponent when to close)

[Supers] with Good/ Average/ Poor Defensive abilities and for the Normals to cancel into and also speed, range and unique advantage/ disadvantage (If use by itself or assist preferred) to escape or counter dire situations

[Hypers] Good/ Average/ Poor (start up frames/ invincibility frames) with unique advantages (meter build/ beam/ capture/ projectile/ charge types) also how well it could work with other Hypers for DHCing and how well it could be used to escape or counter much needed situations

So those are the 3 factors I will be looking at when assessing character’s Defensive capabilities so I’ll be getting to work pretty soon and keep on checking up give suggestions, new details, share your Ideas and thoughts cause if you see nothing new posted by me here its cause I’m probably browsing around looking at many things trying to just get that juicy piece of info that I’m sure all of you will be waiting for so until then lets help each other MAKE this one of the BEST if not THE BEST MVC3 Defense thread out there, I’ll be back later and Thanks for Supporting MVC3 Defense Discussion Thread!

…So far and I’ve just began searching for vids, aside from my knowledge base of defense ( basic blocking) (Sentinel Spam Counters)…ake-2-or-4-times-the-amount-of-damage.132575/ (Assist taking 2 to 4 times damage) (X-Factor Cancel Blocking) (Team Aerial Counter) removed function ( Block Stun Air Grab) possible defense by Advanced Guard

Team Player options to choose from that I have deemed to have “Defense Workability” with characters on the lower Defense Capability end Mobility Limited : Arthur / Hsien Ko **| Slow: **( with some mobility) M.O.D.O.K. | Slow Mobility: Sentinel / Hulk

Primary: [Zero] - [Dante] - [Wolverine] …more to be assessed

Secondary: [Taskmaster] - [Storm] - [M.O.D.O.K.] - [Chun Li] - [Captain America ] - [C.Viper] - [ Akuma] - [Sentinel] … more to be assessed

**Tertiary: ** [Haggar] - [Tron] …more to be assessed

Have Questions or Suggestions feel free to ask or add…

defense? In marvel 3??? Can those words be used in a sentence like that together?

Depends on what your definition of defense is.

mvc3 is one of the most heavy defensive required fighting games out there. The fact that it’s so fast and your opponent can instantly go from high to low, left to right, coupled with assists just makes blocking extremely fast and reaction based. Not to mention the aspect of pushblock creating a very important decision that is often game effecting that you must make in less than a second ie. if I pushblock this, I might not be able to punish it, but if I don’t I take chip and the guy is still at me. Not to mention how dangerous throws can be. There is plenty of defense in this game, and the person better at it almost always wins.

For a defensive projectile based team Ive tried V Joe Deadpool Doom

V Joe Air dash cancelled Voomerangs combined with Hidden missles works wonders. Deadpool’s Katana-rama is used to extend joe’s combos. When Joe dies, just use the same strat for Deadpool and Doom.

I thought Mahvel 3 was about getting in dat ass 24/7 or chipping people out with projectiles. Or just picking pheonix and LV3 X-factoring and fucking EVERYBODY up. Mahvel always just seemes to reward offense more.

For appearing as hyper offensive as it does, turtling and playing defensively is extremely viable against most of the cast. Basically any character that can’t utilize a teleport-like move that crosses up has no answer for the godly power of jump back air blocking. Some characters (Taskmaster, Akuma and Magneto immediately spring to mind) are extremely dangerous even when playing totally defensive, being able to utilize a “come at me bro” style and instantly turn it into a punishing - usually deadly - offense when their opponent miscalculates an attack and gives them a window of opportunity. Hell, even Wolverine has a strong turtle game thanks to the awesome power of the Derp Kick. Because of that move alone, coming at him head on is usually a death wish.

The sheer power of the defensive game is one of the many reasons why Wolverine, Dante, Wesker and Zero all are high/top tier characters - they are all extremely fast characters with teleport-like moves that can cross up - even when their opponent is in the corner - and start combos that will usually lead to a kill.

Aside from specials that cross up, the only other real answer to jump-back defense is air throwing, and even then you take a risk of being thrown yourself or eating your opponent’s attack and getting comboed. Sadly not all of the cast is able to capitalize off air throws without the aid of an OTG assist, so if you find yourself up against a character with no air throw follow ups who is the last man standing and you have the life lead, feel free to jump back all day.

Defense is very important to Spiderman’s game so I like this thread. Though Spiderman is more maneuverable in this game than he has been in others he just cant open opponents up like other characters with his same abilities. A good Spiderman has to rely on defense, whether it be simple blocking, punishing with Crawler Assault, or his maneuvers using web swing, web zip, or his air dash. The better his defense the more likely he’ll be able to hit one of his better combos the moment the opportunity arises. I’m looking forward to seeing the defensive options people come up with.

Y’know, I’ve been wanting to try out Spider-Man for a while, because the more I look at him play, the more I see just how similar he is to Thor when it gets down to it. It’s all about movement. You gotta have that same mindset when working with them. Defensively controlling the screen and where your character is, utilizing every option you can to cause the opponent to slip up and let you in for a devastating combo.

What is this?

I havent dabbled too much with Thor to be honest. I spend most my times refining Spidey tech but I can say Spidey gets in and out a lot easier than Thor with less problems. Considering Spidey’s offense is based around great defense it’s a lot easier to move around the screen making your opponent come at you. Thor could theoretically do the same but has so much start up in his moves its not even funny.

Well sure, they don’t have the exact same method of attacking, but I still believe you have to use them with the same mindset. Playing defensively until you see an opening to exploit. Again, this is just what I’ve seen from Spidey players. Most of Thor’s problems are easily resolved by playing him like that. Being mobile, moving around the screen, the similarities are pretty shocking, and reading your post just made it that more evident to me, being the Thor player that I am. Blocking, punishing with Mighty Hurricane/Punish, using his Mighty Strike, Flight, and air dash are all things good Thor players capitalize on. And this is just me theorizing here, but I believe building a team around Spidey would be very similar to building a team around Thor if defensively is the way you’re going to play. With Thor, you need some type of projectile assist. Good for covering the screen, and allowing movement. A lockdown assist also makes his job easier for performing mixups and pressure. I’d assume something very similar would be useful for Spidey as well, am I right?

Well I’m always coming up with different utilities for Spidey teams but yes it does go similar to that. Lately I’ve been focusing on teams that allow Spidey to get max abilities so I’ve been using Spidey with good horizontal assist for pin pressure and strong assist to play AA or the GTFO role. My current team is Spidey-b/Storm-a/Sentinel-y. I try and play it very similar to how MSS was played in MvC2, so yes this is my rushdown team for the moment. The best offense I’ve noticed Spidey has is a progressive defense. One that allows him to rush in exposed but guarded enough where his assist cover where he would be punished allowing Spidey to keep up momentum. I’m sure a lot of other characters who arent as versatile as Magz and them benefit the same but like I was saying about the maneuverability, Spidey just has the tools to capitalize on them differently.


I say use a Phoenix team as a Defensive trainer cause you can’t really use hyper so toy have to rely on blocking and combos… early game… DHC’ing to get a character out is pretty much out of the question if you are looking to get Dark Phoenix … Bring her in a 4 bars People will try to kill you at all costs, there is some defensive training for you… heavier training… dare I say bring her in at 3 and try to gain 2 bars before she dies … lol

by NickGuy0320

[][LEFT]**STEP 1: **Hold back to block standing and jumping attacks[/LEFT]
]**STEP 2: **Hold down back to block crouching attacks

also paying attention to where you land and how your opponent like to come in for attacks.

One thing i am JUST getting over is a habit from SSF4 that people can’t jump OVER you if you are in the corner on MvC3. (Probably currently obvious) but when I saw people attempting to jump over me I would hit forward and get combo’d cause I’m stupid… lol

Other thing is (correct me if I am wrong), don’t try to x-factor during the start up of a super … if you are going to do it … do it wait till you block it.

(learning things the hard way.)

Though Phoenix has low health I wouldnt necessarily say shes the best for the job considering you can chip her to death in many different situations. Though you could call snapping in Phoenix early a form of defense. She wont have as much options to deal the damage she wants without meter and cant do as much because of the fear of being hit without five meters. As for X-Factor you can start it up pre super just know when to buffer your super from it.

What I meant was … actually using the team and Using phoenix to train your defense cause with out a strong defense you could lose phoenix to one mix-up. :slight_smile:

i didn’t know people still struggled to punish sentinel spam, one of the slowest beams in the game