MvC3 DoA?


Is MvC3 Dead on Arrival?

Anytime i watch a video about the “pros” discussing MvC3, all i hear them say is “it’s a bad game, it’s broken.”

Is this true? or will the community get over the obstacles and come to love mvc3 and embrace it as the successor to it’s 11 year old prequel?

P.S. I told my friends that if sentinel was in this game, i wouldn’t play it, i said this when Capcom originally “disconfirmed” sentinel… now not only is he in the game, but he’s S-Rank.

I’m currently playing and enjoying the game.


Get the old pros the entire fuck out of here b. They wanna hate the game and not play it? Cool, let’s some new talent have a few days in the shine. Get some new heads in that 70/20/10 action.

I’m tired of seeing the same four or five names on the marquee at every major. Justin Wong, Marn, Daigo, Mike Ross, Alex Valle, etc. Obviously all of them aren’t dropping/avoiding the game, but I wanna see some new dude just rise through the ranks and HOLD IT.

This game will last as long as people find shit for it, regardless of whose find it was. If I find a Tron infinite five years from now, that shit goes in with no big name behind it. We don’t NEED them to make this game great. They just make it more popular.



^The game is what you make of it, and not the way others perceive it.

On a more serious note, I think the reason a lot of people hate the game is that, for once, its extremely open ended. I haven’t seen any horrible combination of characters, and I’ve seen every character capable of something incredible. There isn’t an auto-win team or auto-win character, so people have no idea what to do at the moment.


Even if they say it’s a bad game, if they say MvC2 is better than MvC3 than they are just fucken retarded. These pros want to be the only ones who know how to use a combo. As for game play, just pretend it’s SF4 but with assist thrown in and instead of having to spend god knows how long to get across the screen you can just spam the shit out of each other. Also the losers who spam the air dash shit in MvC2 can’t do that in MvC3, able to block everything if I wanted to block.


They’re just upset because they were expecting Marvel 2 with updated graphics. But you don’t need their approval for the game to live on. There are thousands of other people playing this game, too. Don’t forget that.


I’m playing and enjoying the game immensely. I don’t give a fuck about what the “pros” say. If they don’t like it then they won’t play it. Who cares? I’ll continue to play as long as I can find a game on PSN or among locals.


I haven’t heard “bad game” or “broken” said yet.


the only person I’ve heard say the game was bad was one remark by Cl0ckwork (maybe it was Marn, can’t remember), and it was only referring to Sentinel.


Wasn’t this the same thing that happened with SF4? Scrubby stuff like autoguard, shortcuts, reversal window, high damage, etc, etc?

It’s been 5 days, people just need to let it flow. If it turns out to be a bad competitive game - which I doubt it will - it will probably be rebalanced. If not, we will just laugh of these guys saying this kind of thing now.

I’m pretty sure neither of them said that. Clock isn’t judging the game yet - as should all pros - and Marn just thinks it’s too easy.

They all agree that it’s a fun game though.


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Like really? Why make a TOPIC about Pro’s opinions when it does not *** matter to you.
Enjoy the game, stop giving it this label of ‘DoA’ and expecting people to comment about a game that’s not even a week old.
It’s YOUR OPINION - not other people’s. I sometimes wonder if in elections, do you vote for people based on popularity or based on your opinion whether they can run a proper government?

Sentinel is good week one, I’m sure everyone agrees. Many people say he’s broken in level 3 X-factor. Teams are based around beating him. It’s not the end of the world. Play the game for a while before you make assumptions.


Kinda agree with that.

Anybody in this forum should be interested in MvC3, so I don’t know why this topic would be of value here. =\ PM me if you want to clarify why it’s useful.