MVC3: Fate of Two Worlds - Combat Specialist Trophy


Hey guys was wondering if someone would be able to help out here in the original MVC3.

I realized that I’m probably good enough to complete the most of the mission trials in the game now. The only other trophy i need to get is Combat Specialist, which is “In Ranked Match, surpass the ‘1st’ class rank, or fight someone who has.” Unfortunately, this game is dead online.

Was wondering if any of you guys were 1st rank in the original MVC3 game and still had it around. Would really appreciate a quick trophy boost. my PSN ID is in my sig

PSN - nyy42chang
XBOX LIVE - nyyrchang


Dead online? Are you sure about that? The last time I played Vanilla (since Ultimate came out) there were tons of people on ranked, all of whom were free as fuck. I think I got something like 100 wins and 6 losses.