MvC3 Fight Card Posters/Prints & Tees


Hey guys,

I created some SFIV joystick templates a while back and SRK members seemed to be quite fond of those, so I tried my hand with some posters & tees this time.

They’re available here:
MVC3 FIGHT CARD - Kryptonite Prints and Apparel
MVC3 FIGHT CARD TEE - Kryptonite Prints and Apparel

I’m open to suggestions for things you guys wanna see in the future. This project was a blast to work on.




that’s a cool shirt. Akuma FTW!


Thanks, mang. Brought the tee price down to $25.


I was sorta expecting something colorful instead of a white background with black text.


Great point. Totally agree with you, bud. MvC is a very colorful series, that’s one if its biggest draws for me. I decided to try another route, one that I haven’t seen yet for the series. Simple, clean, with an old-school boxing feel to it. A fight card advertisement like it was a bout back in the 50s. Having so few colors also allowed me to use silkscreen as my method of print. When you see tons of colors, it’s usually digitally printed. Silkscreen is all by hand. It’s a beautiful style of printing and each print is unique. When you see the results it yields in person; it really is magnificent. You use hand-mix pantones and a squeegee to slide the ink over the substrate. It’s a lot of work, but hey, it’s a labor of love.


Hey guys, dropped the price of the prints to $15 and the tees to $25 to make them more accessible.




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