MvC3 First Week and Fiscal Year Sales Predictions


Most of you are already aware Capcom expects 2 million worldwide sales of Marvel vs Capcom 3 by March 31st.

Judging by pre-order numbers, I think Capcom could hit their target.

In America only, current pre-orders are as follows: 115,600 (PS3) and 89,647 (360). Assuming pre-orders grow the same amount they did as the previous week for each console in the final week before release, final pre-order numbers should look something like this:

Final Pre-order Numbers: 135,600 (PS3) and 107,647 (360)

Pre-orders usually only account for half of first week sales, so you generally see about a 100% bump over the pre-order number. This means first week sales should be around: 271,200 (PS3) and 215,294 (360)

Total First Week sales: 486,494

As history shows, the game will drop about -50% in the second week.

Total second week sales: 243,247

Then about -10% in the third week. DLC will help the fourth week’s sales to remain steady without another -10% drop.

Total Third Week Sales: 219,247
Total Fourth Week Sales: 219,247

Then another -10% in the fifth and sixth week.

Total Fifth Week Sales: 198,247
Total Six Week Sales: 179,247

Total U.S. sales by end of fiscal year: 1,545,729

“Give or take” depending on what final pre-order numbers end up being this week.

So, as long as Europe and Japan sales total at least 500,000 in the same 6 weeks period (which is a fair estimate since Marvel vs Capcom was never really popular outside of America) Capcom will hit their target.

That’s my prediction anyway, whats yours?


Well it seems that plenty of people have the game before it’s release, so by that logic:

-2 days times ed by a very rough estimate of 5000 sales, means that by 7 days they’ll have broken the laws of Maths! Huzzah!


Where exactly are you pulling these numbers from?


Yeah, I’m not seeing these anywhere…


These are estimates from Here is the link. Final U.S. pre-order numbers before launch:

PS3 Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate… 131,882
X360 Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate… 103,551


I can’t remember what bird on what shoulder told me, but VGChartz isn’t considered by many to be a credible source. I’m pretty sure they mention somewhere on their site that all they do is make predictions.


Take that there.


I admire someone trying to track this. It’s important for the health of the genre (and the possibility of a MvC4) that this game meet, and hopefully exceed, sales expectations.


^ smart man. use the stickies please.