MvC3 General Discussion: Third Strike

Why do you even care about stream monsters? Their job is to troll everyone, why do you even give a fuck?

Anyways, here is the link

That’s some great Spidey play, but… dear God that commentary is fucking awful. I had to mute when they started making shit up about Tekken. Fucking scrub nonsense about being left with 5% because of a launch. Why can’t people learn the phrase ‘risk vs reward’? In Tekken if you’re eating a full 15/16 frame launcher then you fucked up. Either you whiffed badly, where outspaced, or you threw out something ridiculously unsafe. But no, 2D players keep thinking it’s like SF where your strongest combo is off of a safe hit confirmable jab. You can’t get 50% off of a jab in Tekken, but you can in loads of 2D games (not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with this). And of course, the irony here is that the game with safe combo starters that lead to 100% is Marvel (which I still love). UGH…

And of course when I unmute they’re talking about why Phoenix should be removed from the game. Who gave them a fucking mic? I don’t normally call anyone scrubs, I hate posing like that, but God that was some dog shit.

Commentary in part 2 is gdlk. Triforce rant was the funniest shit I’ve heard on streams in a long while.

At like, 5 minutes into Part 2, Triforce blows up about people asking the commentators to actually commentate and storms off, and then Sanford pops on to remind everyone that since Day 1 he’s been saying the game is ass.

This is all RIGHT AFTER Triforce went on for about 20 minutes about bringing professionalism to fighting games.

Entire commentary was a shitstorm of ignorance and childish whining. I normally just mute commentary if I don’t like it and I’ve never complained about it before, but fuck me! That was a verbal disgrace.

Latiff went undefeated at the SBO qualifiers and Mr. SNK lost a good number of matches played out on stream so people in the chat were like “Mr. SNK got carried, switch him out for Mike Ross” or something (I dunno I closed the chat after a while).

dude i was listening to that triforce guy and i was like man this guy has some good points and then all of sudden he blows up and i kinda slowly walked away from the computer becuase i thought he was going to punch me through the screen.
edit…one last thing whats the most effective way to tridash with a controller i cant do it consistantly and im trying to learn doom combos…any suggestions

Holy shit the commentary made my head explode. The contractions throughout made me lose a little faith in humanity.

“Doesn’t Morrigan have an assist that gives you meter?”
“I have no idea”

I admit, this made me laugh.
I didn’t have the chance to listen to a lot of this stream’s commentary (and from reading Robo’s post, I probably shouldn’t unless I wanna feel like punching a brick wall), but I wish more people who commentated had more knowledge about the game they’re trying to talk about. It’s embarrassing.

It’s funny because it only takes a small amount of game knowledge to get it done. The best commentators are excited and aware of what’s going on, calling it as it happens, talking about the players and bringing them up to chat, letting us know where the match is in relation to the tournament bracket, etc. They don’t have to be instructing or explaining why combos are working the way they are or breaking down match-ups.

That stream dropped the ball as best I could see. Tons of off-topic discussion during match play. Tons of personal opinions/drama/etc unrelated to the tournament. Hell at one point they were talking about Pokemon websites back in 2001. ***Pokemon websites back in 2001. ***Why? Because they were comparing the fighting game community to the nintendo gaming community. Why were they doing that? To try and make fighting game players feel bad about their community’s lack of success (even though it’s doing the best it has ever). Why would they do that while running a fighting game community event and stream? Irony maybe?

The best stuff on that stream was when Evil Rahsaan was on the mic talking about the game. His opinions are worth air time because he’s a top player and people want to hear what he has to say. I don’t really care about what Triforce has to offer about MVC3. If I’m looking for a history of fighting game drama, I’ll tune in to his stream though.

Cheat and use a dash button.

Well, if you want to listen to people who know nothing about Marvel and incessantly whine about the game, then this is the commentary for you! “Is Spiderman’s web throw a level 3?”

I had to go listen to the most recent Wake-Up Shoryuken Podcast with Viscant to offset that recent 8wayrun stream

Viscant possibly kept it the most real I’ve ever heard someone keep it. Gatlike.

to be honest most of the ranting triforce was doing on the commentary was true.but he gave into the trolls and he lost his mind after that

my thoughts on the reveals:

Ghost Rider looks dope! LOL@ Striders orbs being lvl 3 AND not building meter :rofl: hawkeye looks like taskmaster, a character ill never use.

WTF@the HUD and the top character being assist 2?!?!?!? thats really going to mess me up :frowning:


LOL I knew Strider was going to be on some watered down shit with that ourobourous. Looks fun.

Doctor Strange is gdlk. Something felt missing with only the bad guys in the game. I’m sure he’ll be just as crazy as Dorm and Shuma. Probably gonna stick with Dante but definitely gonna have to try Vergil. Iron Fist looks fun too.

Wow, all the maddness from yesterday’s announcements flooded the site. I’ve been trying to get on all day…until now!

Well…as cool as Strider is…I’m bored of him. You’d be crazy to not see that’s he’s A tier (at least) from the looks of it. I mean, regular footage of him from casual people showing off insane shit! Now just imagine when the pros get a hold of him. Ho…ly…shit. He’ll be the new typical great character everyone will be using for sure…unless Virgil really turns out that good as well.

And Hawkeye looks like everything Chris, Arthur, HsienKo should have been for a zoning character: decent speed and mobilty. And he looks like his damage output looks pretty high too. I can see him being B tier right now.

Ghost Rider would be popular upon release…but since he looks slow and sluggish, even with his high health and ranged attacks: slow characters get destroyed by pixies. He’ll die out after people figure out such a slow character won’t help anything out. I can see C tier.

And dammit! The first time in 13 years I’m not going to Comic Con, and they have the damn demo…huh…

Tiering characters in a game before release that’s still in development?

Remember when Wolverine was called ass and Chun Li was called good?

I do.