MvC3 General Discussion Thread: The 2nd Print


Ponder closed the last thread so…Continue?


About time the other closed imo



Refreshed every single tab I had open to be met with “page not found.” Gah.

Anyway, reposting these, I guess:

Get hype.


Dat Hsien-ko


That was a really random time for it to close, lol.


Not really. Threads in General Discussion never make it passed 1000. I was surprised it was open so long.


The picture of hsien-ko in the character select screen looks an awful lot like the health bar picture of the last “leaked” in-game hsien-ko picture.

edit: maybe the reason the last page was getting so many double posts was because it was so long.

#7 <- Chindogg’s counter from the old OP.

Pretty hype to see even more confirmation of Sent and Hsien Ko… now Capcom just needs to give me trailers.

650~ pages is nothing! Should have at least gone to 40k posts.


Well, at least Hsien-Ko’s face looks nice in this game.


I know, I just didn’t think it would get locked in the middle of the Hsien Ko leak.


damn, we almost made 1300!

I think the really long threads lag things. Might have something to do with the brutal slowdowns today.


wow, the art for lei2x looks… not good.


How many posts do you have on the page at once?

And this thing needs a better name imo


What is this pic from? The magazine article?


Best to end on a high note.


Sent’s portrait looks cool. Sent is such a boss.


I would love to see a pic of that entire timeline.


I’m starting to think Capcom did that shit on purpose. I mean a press magazine all printed and done shows all characters in detail?


That countdown makes me anxious. LOL.
I’m glad Sentinel is in, even though I don’t use him that much. I’m thinking Hsien-Ko is going to be crazy fun to use.


is it just me, or does Lei-Lei’s face on the select screen look like the one on the HUD of that “leaked” pic yesterday a little too much?



It’s time to rock.