MvC3 General Online Issues [PSN]


Ok so I’m new to the VS series. I’m sure some of these things have been discussed and beaten to death, but i didn’t see where, so here we go…my initial observations and questions about MvC3 online for PSN;

Matchmaking seems broken. I can’t find a good match to save my life but maybe once in 15-20 times. This is true of both player matches and ranked matches. The one way I’ve found to get around it is this; go to arcade mode, set fight requests to ON for either player or ranked, and then start fighting. A match seems to always pop up within seconds. I am glad there seems to be a way around it, but is this necessary? Does XBL have the same issues and can they be circumvented the same way?

No custom music options…a minor and common complaint, but come on now.

No spectating mode? Really? REALLY? Who in their right mind would sit through an 8 man lobby staring at the lobby screen and listening to this god awful music for 20 minutes at a time? Fight reservations? WTF? If I tap triangle i get “demoted” to the end of the line again? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I think the reservations system would be good if only there were a spectator mode.

Simple mode: I am aware that it is scrubby and restricted and that it can be easily beaten, but what about people trying to learn the game from square one? Do I really have to deal with fighting scrubs who can do a 50 hit combo by mashing square and x, but who can’t even do a dragon punch? Seriously why in the hell can’t we turn that off? :confused:

Dante/____/Sent: It isn’t that they are overpowered or broken that gets to me; it is that EVERYBODY uses them. Why is it that out of 10 random matches at least 7 or 8 will have this team? Over 100 matches deep and i STILL haven’t gotten the “fight against the full roster” trophy. Come on, PSN, that is flat out pathetic.

sigh…do these problems plague XBL as well? Are there tricks to navigate around any of them that I may be missing? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys.


Psst: it’s fucking garbage.


there is already a thread to discuss the netcode and the problems, search next time pal ;D

for what i know, the netcode is truly garbagestic on both consoles


yes i saw that thread but netcode involves gameplay mechanics and not features, nor “glitches” to get around them such as going to arcade mode to play ranked mode. i am wondering if there are more things like this that i can be using and perhaps rage less.


You’ve kind of lumped together a bunch of ideas in what is more a review than a unique topic. :slight_smile:

Break up your thoughts and put 'em into the General Discussion, Bugs/Glitches, and Netcode threads. :slight_smile: