MVC3-General Starting Combos

Hey experts out there, I was wondering how to actually begin combos in MVC3 in an actual match… I have no problems doing it in training mode, but in an actual match, I always seem to get blocked or something… any tips?

What you need to learn is hit-confirming.

Hit-confirming is a staple of fighting games. What it is is starting a combo with moves that are generally safe, and then moving on to the rest of the combo. This way, if those safe moves are blocked, you can stop right there and not be in trouble. If you hit with those safe moves then you can move on to the rest of the combo. A simple example is SF4 Ryu. You might start with a crouch jab. If you land that you can go to crouch strong then sweep. If they block the jab you can just stay safe and stop the blockstring.

In MvC3, landing a cr.a or cr.b is usually safe on block, so learn the ranges of those moves for your characters and hit-confirm off of those.

If you are asking *how *get that initial hit, or how to open people up, then that is a much bigger question that depends on who you play, who you are playing against, what assists you have, spacing, and where you are in the match.

You’re too obvious. If you’re always getting blocked, then you need to change your high/low/front/back mixups and throw tick throwing in there. You can’t expect everybody to just get hit by combos. You need to get that hit.

Thanx guys, will try the crouching L and M… not quite sure what tick throwing is…

Please read that.